T Poutine: Disco Fries in New York City!

T Poutine

Is this the year that Poutine in New York City finally makes it onto our regular late-night snack list? New Yorkers have so far resisted this classic French-Canadian comfort food (the last place that heavily hyped their Poutine, the Inn LW12, closed within six months or so), but Lower East Side newcomer T Poutine clearly thinks the time for Disco Fries is there, and now. And if the two plates of Poutine we tried last weekend are any indication of the gloppy goodness to come, they might just be right.

T Poutine

T Poutine Essentials

In its purest form, Poutine, aka Disco Fries–in homage, perhaps, to their after-party ubiquity on certain parts of the continent–consists of:

  1. french fries;
  2. brown gravy;
  3. melted cheddar curd cheese.

T Poutine

No, Poutine New York (or anywhere else) is not a subtle dish, especially after the T Poutine-master piles on the extras. We had the Montreal Meatlover, a hefty platter of all the above, plus “smoked meats”, which turned out to be a few slices of excellent Applewood bacon, and plenty of chunks of a mysterious-looking but pleasantly smoky and slightly spicy sausage. Also at our “table” (more on that in a minute) was an equally abundant serving of Poutine, Morning Glory-style, which is basically the same the above, minus the sausage, plus a sunny-side-up egg. If you think it all sounds like amped-up diner food, well… you’re right. But the fries were crispy, the gravy fresh and meaty tasting, the cheese salty and chewy, and the add-ons all respectable.

 T Poutine

We went to T Poutine early, around 6:30 and it was pretty sedate (which we liked), but our waitress / counterperson confirmed that the place “gets crazy” after midnight. No surprise there, given both TPoutine’s location in the heart of the Lower East Side’s party zone, and the restaurant set-up: order at the front counter, grab a stool next the narrow counter, or a spot on the benches before the tiny, wobbly tables, and wait for your order to arrive, listening to loud music and even louder, we’re sure, fellow revelers.   

T Poutine NYC details

T Poutine is located on Ludlow Street between Houston and Stanton, as is open from Sunday to Wednesday from 2:00 p.m. to 2:00 a.m., and from Thursday through Saturday from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m. Delivery is available, though we’re not sure how well Poutine travels. For a look at all of the Poutine varieties–including the sweet (!) “Canuck”–have a look here at T Poutine site.
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