Storage Facilities In Manhattan’s Upper East Side

Storage facilities are important for city dwellers, and finding one that is convenient and the right size for your needs can be difficult. Today, we will present a list of options for Glenwood residents living on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, each catering to a different storage need.

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For Your Basic Self-Storage Needs: Manhattan Mini Storage

Located on East 62nd Street, Manhattan Mini Storage may just be the right option for you if you’re looking for self-storage. They have various size units available, ranging from a closet starting at $20 a month, to a large space for $294 a month. However, while this is a self-storage facility, you do have the comfort of knowing that a full-time maintenance staff is available at the building, they are open 365 days a year, and there’ss even a free storage shuttle that you’ll have access to. This last one is a plus because if you’re hauling an entire summer wardrobe back to your unit, you can use the shuttle rather than hailing an expensive Uber. The shuttle is available 7 days a week from 8am to 9pm, and reservations can be made ahead of time.

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For Daily Storage Needs: Bounce

While this may be initially created for tourists visiting the Upper East Side, it’s also a great hack for locals in the neighborhood to know about, too. Situated on East 77th Street near The Pavilion is a Bounce storage point, which allows you to drop bags or items for only $6 for the entire day. Why would this be helpful, you ask? Let’s say you are a Downtown resident who is planning on spending an entire Saturday Uptown. Your plans include going for a jog through Central Park (then changing outfits), grabbing brunch, visiting several of the Museum Mile exhibits throughout the afternoon (then changing outfits), before capping the night off with a nice dinner and a comedy club. As you can see, being able to store a duffle bag filled with your outfit changes, shoes, makeup bag, book, phone charges, and anything else you may need would sure be helpful and much easier than hauling it around all day! And at that price point (with $3,000 insurance included)… why not?! It’s also a nice thing to have in your back pocket to share with any out of town visiting friends or family.

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For High End Storage Needs: Morgan Manhattan

While you probably feel comfortable using self-storage for your non-luxury items, there’ss certain things you want to take more care in storing, such as wine and fine arts. Morgan Manhattan, located at East 91st Street close to The Cambridge, has created a state of the art warehouse for storing your special bottles of wine, tracking case-specific information such as vintage, producer, arrival date, access information, and even “drink by” dates. You can use their online inventory viewer to place a delivery order straight to your home, anytime. And if you have fine art for storing, take advantage of their fireproofed, alarm protected storage which can hold anything from small, museum quality paintings to huge antique cars and boats! And they even offer a moving crew if you need to put any regular household items in storage, too! Prices for all this vary wildly, so it’s best to give them a call directly and to obtain a personal quote.

So whether you’re remodeling a room and need to store furniture for the short term, want to maintain a more concise and clutter free closet and switch out your clothes seasonally, or need specific, temperature controlled spaces to hold your valuables, you can see that this all exists right on the Upper East Side!

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