Spring Cleaning Tips for 2014: Refresh Your Living Space

Photo of spring cleaning supplies, provided by Susy Morris

Seems like it actually might be warm now for the duration (though let's not forget the April blizzard of '82!). Spring ushers in lots of activites in New York, such as the flower shows we wrote about recently. But it's also time to clean your home. Ugh, I know, but remember: there are few chores that feel more satisfying when you're done than a big (or even semi-big!) spring cleaning. Now, I am no expert on the subject as my kids will tell you, but we scoured the internet and found a number of sites with some stellar-sounding advice.

Hand holding a lint roller and clearning a white lamp shade

Scrub Two Things and Call Me in the Morning

For example, Ashley Brown, normally at Seventh House on The Left, guest-posted 10 Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks on Home Depot's reliably-handy Apron blog. Using a lint roller to clean fabric lamp shades is an immediate keeper, and I kind of like the idea of spending 10 minutes at the end of every day (Brown sets a timer) to tidy up or scrub down something that will have a real impact on the way your home feels in the morning. The organization fanatics at A Bowl Full of Lemons always have good ideas on how to manage your clutter, but it was their recent post on cleaning your fridge that finally inspired me to do mine, and it makes me happy every time I open it (which is a lot).

opened refridgerator with nothing in it for spring cleaning

Top to Bottom Spring Cleaning Lists

No surprise, our friends at Apartment Therapy have several evergreen posts on the subject, including this gem from last year, a floor-to-ceiling roundup packed with proven strategies on cleaning everything from shower curtains and medicine cabinets to your computer keyboard and garbage cans, as well as a list of 25 places to donate unwanted clothes. The Huffington Post has a good list of off-beat organizers for every room; How Stuff Works put up one of their typically comprehensive guides, which is especially inspiring for their prep tips;

bedroom with white walls and bed, two nightstands

What to Use: Green Cleaning Products

Long gone (I hope) are the days where a good bleach solution to clean most anything is the preferred method. Today, environmentally concious home dwellers are opting for "green" cleaning products that get the job done while having no impact on the environment. The folks at the Well+Good NYC blog suggest that with a little smart shopping, a dash of awareness, and some time to create home-made solutions, you can clean green with these non-toxic cleaners! Treehugger also recenty posted their take on green cleaning, an idea which seems to be is catching! 

What part of your apartment needs the most cleaning attention in spring? 

Top photo by Susy Morris.

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