SPiN NYC Table Tennis and Social Club

Spin NYC is a table tennis club in the flatiron district with a red awning and fun images on the walls

If you're looking for a little indoor (read: air conditioned) recreation this summer, the plush and lively SPiN NYC table-tennis social club is an excellent option for an afternoon–or, better yet, night–of fun for ping pong players of all levels of ability and seriousness. Located in the Flatiron District and featuring 16 championship-caliber tables, a full food and beverage program, membership options for committed players, a very cool and inviting design, and hundreds and hundreds of bright orange balls, SPiN NYC is a state-of-the-art "rec center" that strives to offer something for everyone and, as far as we can tell, totally pulls it off.       

Spin ping pong tables offer visitors hours of fun with paddles and orange balls in a spacious interior

We've been hearing about SPiN NYC for months (mostly in re: Susan Sarandon, but that's another story), but it wasn't until we stopped by the other night that we really understood what all the excitement was about. If you love–or even just kind of like–table tennis, this place is amazing. The SPiN ping pong tables, the paddles, the lighting, the spacing between the tables, the "cushioned Olympic-competition flooring"… it's all top-quality, and certainly the nicest ping pong facility we've ever seen. And if you're a serious player, SPiN New York City offers members a professional coaching staff, locker rooms, tournaments and loads of special events and VIP-type treatment.      


Spin New York City's Ducks Eatery with bench style seating and mod animals prints on the walls

But SPiN NYC also succeeds as a fun, casual place to hang out with a bunch of friends or, as seemed to be the case the night we went, co-workers blowing off steam after a day at the office. The place was packed with young professionals wolfing down cheese steaks and bags of crazy-flavored popcorn, downing beers, banging those orange balls all over the place. But we can also see how SPiN table tennis makes for a great family outing with appropriately-aged kids. And the cafe in the back, Ducks Eatery has a reasonably-priced crowd-pleasing menu of interesting sandwiches, sliders, snacks, and sweet treats. We couldn't resist trying one of the ice cream sandwiches–a scoop of Langford vanilla between a pair of Tates butterscotch pecan cookies–which more than satisfied the two main requirements of such a dish: it was sweet, and it was cold.       

Spin NYC Ducks Eatery serves up ice cream stuffed cookies


SPiN NYC Details 

SPiN NYC is located on 23rd Street between Madison and Park Avenues, and is open daily at 11:00 a.m. until 12:00 midnight on Sunday and Monday, until 2:00 a.m. on Tuesday through Thursday, and until 4:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday nights. Rates vary depending on time of day (it's cheaper before 6:00) and membership status (it's twice as much for non-), but range from $5 to $20 for 30 minutes of playing time. For complete information and the Ducks Eatery menu, please visit the SPiN NYC website.    

Spin ping pong intereior with fashionable artwork of celebrities on the wall

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