Snow Day Activities With The Kids In NYC

The NYC snow day is inevitable, so have a plan to keep your kids happy when the snow stops them from getting to school! Today we’ll cover our favorite ways to spend a snow day with the littles in NYC…from staying warm inside your Glenwood home with hot cocoa to going out into the winter wonderland and embracing the magic!


Sledding In Central Park

The Upper East Side is ripe with places to go during the first snowfall, namely Central Park! Whether you live in The Andover or The Marlowe, you’ll love the ease of getting to this activity. Bring your child’s sled to one of the many hills in the park and go to town! We’re particular fans of Pilgrim Hill and Cedar Hill, both located on the Eastside in the 70’s. Or, if you’re looking for other areas of NYC to enjoy sledding, check out this article on the best sledding in Manhattan.

Local’s Tip: Not everyone keeps a sled lying around in their apartment, and for good reason. They are bulky, take up precious closet space, and really are only items that are used a handful of times a year, if that. A great alternative? A flattened piece of cardboard! Use a recycled box (there’s plenty to be lying around in the pre-Christmas season), it will get the job done perfectly.

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Lobby at The Andover

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Ice Skating

Ice skating is a beautiful activity to do during snowfalls! Not only do you feel like tiny figurines in a shaken-up snow globe (how magical is that?!) but there’s also a great chance that it will keep many of the wintertime tourists off the ice, perhaps making the wait time a little less!

Local’s Tip: Sure, you have the ice-skating rinks at Bryant Park, Rockefeller Center, and the lower part of Central Park. But did you know there’s also a rink in northern Central Park? It’s called Lasker Rink, and is incredibly less packed than the other well-known ones (maybe because it’s filled with mostly locals rather than tourists?) The nearest street entrance is 110th Street and Lenox Avenue, not far from Hampton Court.


Building A Snowman

No matter which park you live closest to (hills or no hills), bringing along a carrot and “magic black hat” for snowman building is an activity kids will adore…from the tiniest or toddlers to the tallest of teenagers! It truly never gets old…even for adults.

Local’s Tip: Do not feed the animals! Your kids may be tempted to feed some of their snacks to the various birds, squirrels, etc. that be out looking for food in the snow. They may particularly be interested in that carrot nose! But experts say feeding them makes them lose their natural instinct for hunting and finding food on their own.


Enjoying Hot Cocoa

Inside activities are especially cozy when it snows. Break out the board games and whip up a batch of hot cocoa! Don’t forget the marshmallows.

Local’s Tip: If you don’t have ingredients on hand to make your own cookies to go along with the hot cocoa, you can order them from Insomnia Cookies!

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Relaxing Inside With Popcorn and Movies

And finally, snow days make the perfect days for catching up on favorite family films over a big batch of buttery popcorn.

Local’s Tip: New York often feels very go, go, go! Make this experience as relaxing as possible. Even if it’s barely noon, consider telling the whole family to change into their favorite pair of pj’s, and prepare for a day of snuggles and films together. These are the times that will quickly morph into your favorite winter memories, recounted for years and years to come.

How are you planning to spend your first snow day this season? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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