Enjoy Shake Shack’s Shacktoberfest Menu, Through 10/13 Only!

Inside Shake Shack customers and employees are celebrating Shacktoberfest

For a certain type of mood, and a certain type of meal, Danny Meyer's Shake Shack is near perfection. But you can't overdo it. For me, four to six Shack visits a year is about right; the flavors just seem more lively, the food more satisfying, with a bit of rest between meals.

That said, I always try to make it to one of the Shacks during Meyer's annual Shacktoberfest, when a half dozen or so sausage- and beer-based additions hit the Shake Shack menu, and I highly recommend you do the same. This is first-rate fast-casual dining, and you won't feel like you've had it all before.

Image of the Shake Shack's Cheddar Brat Burger which hits their menu for their annual Shacktoberfest

The Menu's Sausage and Beer Additions

Now in its eighth year, the 2013 Shacktoberfest features five sausage items, two desserts, and 25-oz "collectible" steins of Shackmeister Ale for only $10; (only $7 if you're getting a refill!). I went to the Upper West Side Shake Shack to get my Shacktober fix, and really enjoyed my two meat dishes. The Cheddar Brat Burger, especially, was excellent, the brat oozing cheese and adding both snap and funk to the beef burger, and the fried shallots completing the package with crunchy goodness.

Image of the Shake Shack special Shacktoberfest Sausage dog, wrapped in a hot dog bun and topped with sauerkraut

More Shacktoberfest Goodies to Enjoy

Also good from the special Shacktoberfest menu was the Polish Sausage, the smoked meat grilled just right, with a generous pile of "German-style slaw" (basically: crisp, vinegary sauerkraut) topping things off nicely. There's also a Currywurst dog that sounds pretty good, which is a Bavarian brat topped with more of those shallots and curry ketchup. The only regret of my Shacktoberfest feast was the German Chocolate Pecan Concrete, which combines chocolate frozen custard, coconut pecan caramel, and big chunks of chocolate truffle cookie dough, and was just way too much of a sugary thing.

Image of the German Chocolate Pecan Concrete, which combines chocolate frozen custard, coconut pecan caramel, and big chunks of chocolate truffle cookie dough

New Shake Shack Location in Grand Central Terminal

In other Shake Shack news, last weekend marked the opening of yet another outpost in Meyer's burger-joint empire, this time in Grand Central Terminal. Located on the terminal's lower level in what has become a sprawling food court, Shake Shack Grand Central serves all of the expected Shake favorites–including the new-style "hand cut" fries–and, exclusive to this location, sells Shackmeister Ale in to-go bottles, handy if you're grabbing something for the train. With out-of-town visitor season approaching, you're likely to end up in hungry and in midtown more than once between now and the New Year, so keep this spot in mind. It's also right next to the famous whispering wall, which always impresses. Note: the Shake Shack GCT is the only NYC location NOT celebrating Shacktoberfest this year.

Grand Central Terminal packed with people chowing down on all Shake Shack's food

More Information: Shake Shack Shacktoberfest

The Shake Shack Shacktoberfest 2013 runs only through Sunday, October 13. You can get Shacktoberfest items at all Manhattan Shacks, except GCT.    

Bucket of Brooklyn Brewery's original Shake Shack beer chilling on ice


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