Roberta’s Pizza Without The Wait? Find Out How To Do It



No question, Roberta's in Bushwick, which began life as an obscure pizza place in 2008 and has since evolved and grown and expanded into so much more, is one of New York City's best, most beloved, even iconic restaurants. Rave reviews, including two stars in the New York Times; a fine-dining sister spot Blanca (three stars in the Times), which offers one of the most ambitious and expensive tasting menus in town; pop-up pizza booths at venues like Mad Sq Eats that always attract the longest lines; and a major presence at the forthcoming Vanderbilt Market, which is set to open this fall in Grand Central… yup, pretty much an empire at this point. And all of that is great! Except if you're trying to eat at Roberta's proper anywhere close to prime time, and you're told the wait for a table will be about 90 minutes. Then? Not so great! But now there's a solution: Roberta's Takeaway and Bakery, located right next door. Here's what you need to know… 


Roberta's: More Than Just Pizza

At Roberta's Takeaway and Bakery you can choose from more than a dozen of the outfit's best pizzas, including signature selections like the Bee Sting (with hot chilies and honey), the Speckenwolf, and the Millennium Falco. There are also specials such as the amazing Dad Bod, which is what I wolfed down the other afternoon, a stunning combination of pastrami, capra con pepe cheese, pepperoncini, and the kicker, a drizzling of pickle juice. If there weren't so many other choices on the menu–more varieties, by the way, than at the actual restaurant next door–I'd likely eat this every time. 


What To Try At Roberta's Takeaway and Bakery

But like everything Roberta's these days, there's more to the Takeaway and Bakery than just pizza. The sandwiches here are excellent, including a beautiful Meatball hero that tops Roberta's lively balls with melted mozzarella, lemon, and basil, all on a crusty roll that stands up to the challenge of holding it all together. And the whole bakery part of the place is just as exciting, whether you're here in the morning looking for some of the city's best sticky buns (or any other of time of day), or just want to see what it tastes like when one of the finest pastry chefs in town (that'd be Samantha Short), turns her attention from the sophisticated desserts of Blanca to the simple pleasures of a Funfetti, or a Cherry Cocoa Nib, cookie. Hint: it's delicious.


How To Find Roberta's Takeaway and Bakery

Roberta's Takeaway and Bakery is located at 261 Moore Street between Bogart and White, right next door to Roberta's restaurant, and is open daily from 7:00 a.m. to 12:00 midnight. There a large communal table inside at which you can stand and eat your food, as well as several tables on the sidewalk out front. Note though, this is very much a to-go and delivery operation, but of you don't mind eating out of a box or a bag, you are in for a real treat.


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