Ride the Zone’s Incredible Real Ryder Workout


We here at the Glenwood Neighborhood Pleasures blog can't check out everything going on in this amazing city (though we do try), so sometimes we call upon the extended Team Glenwood to clue us in to everything new and exciting. Take this report from the field, for example, by Glenwood Leasing Agent Beth, who recently fell in love with the Real Ryder workout at the Upper East Side's Ride the Zone NYC headquarters. The video of the Real Ryder bikes in action on their website make it look like a total blast…. but, here, we'll let Beth tell you more about it…        


"A few months ago a friend mentioned to me a place where you could ride these crazy new 'stationary' bikes that could turn and lean and would give you workout which would totally blow away any spin class I'd ever taken. Eager to see if she was right, I headed over to Ride the Zone Hampton, and hopped on a Real Ryder bike for a one hour ride… and it was, truly, unlike any other I have ever taken! 

"As someone always looking for ways to make working out more challenging and fun, this was perfect. I pushed myself to work harder all the way through to the end and find energy I didn't know I had, and the rewards have exceeded my expectations. In addition to become more fit and energized I have made great friends at Ride the Zone NYC who I meet up with in the morning, so we make sure we get to the 7:15 class. It's great to find something that you have in common with other people that's a positive reinforcement in your life. We all need that. We look forward to seeing each other during the week, as well as our Ride the Zone "Motivators", the class leaders who really care, helping us set up our bikes, asking for input, and even take requests for the (already usually excellent) music. Ride the Zone also sponsors Charity Rides on the Real Ryder bikes. I participated in the March 6th Genetic Disease Foundation Four Hour Team Charity Ride, and it was a great day all around. 

"Can you tell I'm totally hooked on Zone Hampton's Real Ryder bikes? Plus: I have NEVER  felt better!" 


Sounds excellent, Beth.

Ride the Zone NYC Details

You can Ride the Zone at 201 East 67th Street, on the corner of Third Avenue, as well as in East Hampton, on Montauk Highway. For complete pricing (no membership fee!) and class schedules (as many as seven rides a day!), please see the Ride the Zone website

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