Ready for Spring? Landscaping in New York City from Glenwood Management


Don Venezia, Supervisor for the Landscape Division at Glenwood Management in NYC, is a huge tulip fan. Which is a good thing, because last fall Venezia and his crew planted 140,000 tulip and daffodil bulbs across Glenwood properties here in New York City. 

Yes, that's one hundred and forty thousand tulip bulbs in NYC. Which, says Venezia, makes Glenwood one of the biggest buyers of bulbs on the entire east coast. The labor involved in such an undertaking is obviously enormous–and as soon as the tulips and daffodils are gone, Venezia's crew puts down 1,400 flats of annuals, or another 67,000 flowers!–but that's why Glenwood has what is considered to be a truly world-class urban-landscaping in New York City outfit. 


Venezia told us that there are more than ten varieties of tulips buried right now in the still-frozen soil, waiting to bloom, from deep red to white to… well, we won't give away all of his surprises. Suffice it to say that Glenwood residents are going to have a lovely spring this year. 

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