The Best NYC Public Pools open June 27! Here’s Our Top Picks for Glenwood Residents

On the Upper East Side, you'll find the John Jay public pool usually packed with swimmers enjoying the water, though in this image the pool is nearly empty.

As previously noted, the Glenwood family of luxury NYC rentals has a remarkably high percentage of swimming pools in Manhattan residential buildings–at last count, we had nine out a total of only 150 pools on the entire island, including two super-rare outdoor pools–but sometimes it’s fun to get out there and swim (or dive, or doggy-paddle, or just splash) in one of NYC’s big outdoor public pools as well. Here’s a quick look at a few of our favorites, all of which open for season on Friday, June 27.

Image of the diving board at Tony Dapolito pool with some interesting artwork of cartoons swimming on the wall behind it.

Photo by Julia Manzerova

Downtown Swimming at Tony Dapolitos

If you live downtown, the choice is obvious: the still-shockingly uncrowded Tony Dapolito Recreation Center pool on Clarkson Street, just off Seventh Avenue South. This is actually TWO pools, a nine-foot-deep beauty for swimming and playing, and a separate diving pool, which is where I spend all my time making a fool of myself but having a blast. Semi-tucked-away on a quiet street in Hudson Square, the Tony Dapolito pool is real treasure.

John Jay pool packed with lots of New York in their bathing suits enjoying the water and the warm weather.

Upper East Side’s John Jay Pool

For Upper East Siders, a solid choice is the recently renovated John Jay Pool, hard by the terrific John Jay playground on 77th Street and the East River (it’s actually called Cherokee Place over there, but just follow 77th to the end and you’ll see it). The John Jay also has a separate diving pool, and the main swimming area is ideal for kids, as it never gets deeper than four feet.

An image of Lasker pool on a bright and beautiful summer day in NYC.

Photo by Joe Shlabotnik

Lasker Pool by our Gracie Point Buildings

Choice number three for Glenwood residents would by the Lasker Pool in the lovely northern reaches of Central Park. Both pools here are clearly for children, or a quick cool-off (the wading pool is less than two feet deep; the main pool doesn’t even hit four feet), but it’s right across town for Gracie Point residents, easily accessible by the 2/3 train, and that part of the Park, with the Harlem Meer (borrow a free fishing pole at the Dana Discovery Center!), the North Woods (complete with waterfall!) and the spectacular Conservatory Gardens all right nearby.

If you enjoy outdoor swimming pools, make sure to check out 2015’s updated offerings.

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