A Private Pool in Manhattan: Private Swimming Pools are a Surprisingly Rare Luxury

Rooftop swimming pool at the Stratford on a bright blue sky summer day.

They are marketed prominently by many of New York City’s newest breed of rental and condo towers, and with good reason: swimming pools in residential buildings remain an exceptionally rare luxury, especially in Manhattan. In fact, as was mentioned in a piece by C. J. Hughes in the New York Times that ran earlier this month, the NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene has records of only 150 swimming pools in Manhattan that are within private, residential buildings. Only 150, on the whole island! And that includes rental buildings, condos, co-ops, townhouses, all of it.

Indoor swimming pool at Liberty Plaza in Manhattan, New York City.

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And the number of swimming pools in Manhattan residential buildings shrinks to an astonishingly low figure if you’re talking OUTDOOR swimming pools. Apparently, according to the DOH, there are only about 15 Manhattan residential buildings with outdoor swimming pools. Fifteen! Given the hundreds of thousands of residential buildings on the island, including tens of thousands of homes that could only be described as well-appointed, that strikes us as an extraordinarily small number. Anyway, the good news for residents of Glenwood rental apartments: chances are high that if you live in a Glenwood bulding, you have access to a swimming pool.

The beautiful Bamford indoor swimming pool in Manhattan with a skylight.

Nine Glenwood rental apartment buildings have swimming pools, including two super-rare outdoor swimming pools. The Glenwood rental apartment buildings with swimming pools are all over town, including the Upper East Side (the Lucerne, on East 79th, with its 55-foot lap pool); Midtown (the Bamford, on East 56th, with its glass-enclosed rooftop pool, pictured above), Downtown (the Liberty Plaza, 50-foot lap pool, pictured two above), and the Upper West Side (the Grand Tier, next to Lincoln Center, with its 50-foot pool of limestone and mosaic stone inlay, below).

A lap pool at the Glenwood Grand Tier in Manhattan with a skylight, NYC.

And the Glenwood rental apartments with outdoor swimming pools? There’s the Stratford on York Avenue, which offers its residents access to their rooftop swim club, pictured at top, featuring separate children’s pool, plus men’s and women’s individual saunas. And, most spectacular (although, to be fair, not in Manhattan), there’s the Briar Hill up in Riverdale, housed on a four-acre wooded site that not only includes a huge outdoor swimming pool (pictured below), but also has a bar, tennis courts, and a children’s playground, making Briar Hill a little like living on a Country Club!

Kids playing in the big outdoor swimming pool at Briarcliff in Riverdale, NY.

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