Pop Pub in NYC on University Place

Exterior view of Pop Pub where you can see the big light wall with a tag cloud of what they offer and the open kitchen

Pop Pub in NYC, a beery new offshoot of the long-time Meatpacking District favorite Pop Burger, just recently opened on University Place, and we couldn't be happier that the Pop people chose this particular stretch of Manhattan to set up shop. Not that Pop Pub serves anything all that spectacular–the Pop Pub menu of sliders, tater tots, salads, and sandwiches fits right in with the college-town feel of the street–but given the amount of time we spend in this neighborhood, going to movies and seeing shows, another solid quick-bite spot is most definitely welcome. 


A close-up of two hamburgers with lettuce, tomato and cheese on a bun, served up at Pop Pup in NYC

And that's what Pop Pub on University Place most definitely is: a reliable place to grab a pre-movie meal and a milkshake (sit up front by the windows in the bar area)… or to bring a crowd and eat and enjoy a pitcher or four (sit in the dim, boothy back dining room)… or to quell any late-night burger-and-fries cravings (sit wherever, because who cares at that point). We've sampled a good portion of the Pop Pub men, and everything has been decent to, in the words of a certain teenage companion, "delicious". The signature dish at Pop Pub in NYC is, no surprise, the Pop Burgers, which, so far as we could tell, are exactly the same as the ones we've wolfed a dozen times at their original spot across town: meaty, well-balanced, fresh toppings, good bun, nicely pickle-ish, and pushed just into "special" territory by the Russian dressing.   

A big basket of tator tots served with ketchup in a cup at Pop Pub

Speaking of Russian dressing, Pop Pub in NYC also makes a mean Grilled Chicken Sandwich, with thinly-sliced slabs of breast piled high, loaded with crisp greenery, slathered with that same orange sauce, redolent of relish. A winner. There are plenty of options in the fried section of the Pop Pub menu, but the go-to choice here is a boat of crunchy Tater Tots, offered with or without cheese. Less successful (though, frankly, still totally fine) was the Pop Corn Shrimp, which erred a bit on the batter-y side. But at these prices–most of the Pop Pub menu is in the single digits, and everything else (fancy newcomers like Lobster Rolls, Steak Sandwiches, Baby Lamp Chops) only hit the mid-teens–we've always walked away nothing less than satisfied. 

Grilled chicken with lettuce and mayon on a crunchy bun at Pop Pub

Pop Pub on University Details 

Pop Pub is located on University Place between 12th and 11th Street, and is open on Sunday through Wednesday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m., and on Thursday through Saturday until 4:00 a.m. For more information, please see the eater.com Opening Alert, at least until they finish constructing the Pop Pub website


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