Peter Pan Donuts–the best in NYC–now also at Brooklyn Farmacy

Farmacy in Brooklyn exterior with blue green paint, white signage, and benchs

File under: fun and tasty Saturday family adventure. The Peter Pan Bakery in Greenpoint (on Manhattan Avenue; near the Nassau G-train stop) has been attracting donut lovers by the dozens (and dozens… and dozens) for a few years now, and especially after Tina Fey raved about them rather salaciously in Esquire. And this isn't empty hype. Peter Pan bakes not only the best donuts in New York City, but the best donuts we've ever had in our lives, period. 

Peter Pan bakery serves up chocolate coconut donut on a white plate

The one drawback to all of the above, at least from our perspective? Not exactly convenient from Manhattan. But now, on Saturdays only, a selection of Peter Pan Bakery's best donut creations will be available at the neighborhoody soda fountain/coffee-and-baked-goodies shop, Brooklyn Farmacy in Carroll Gardens. And although the variety of Peter Pan donuts here is somewhat limited (last Saturday, for example, there were eight flavors on hand at Farmacy, as opposed to about double that usually on sale at Peter Pan proper), there is certainly enough of a choice to please everyone in your crew. 

Interior of Farmacy with young girls working the counter, soda fountain and mirror in the background and Peter Pan donuts on display in the front

We devoured three last weekend, accompanied by some first rate coffee and plenty of warm smiles and chit chat from the counter-staffers and fellow donut enthusiasts. The Chocolate Coconut was moist and cocoa-y. The Sour Cream was dense and rich. The Cruller was light and sweet. Peter Pan donuts were our breakfast and lunch, and the two of us were happily full for hours. 

French krullar and cinnamon donuts from Peter Pan Bakery served on a white plate

There are lots of other good reasons to take a trip to Farmacy, too. Sticky Bun Sundays, for example, featuring excellent gooey creations from Emily Isaac's Trois Pommes Patisserie. Or the Twinkles, also by Isaac. Or the slices of First Prize Pies. Or the hot chocolate. Or the groceries, which include bags of the Redhead's great Bacon Peanut Brittle, and jars of McClure's Pickles, and packs of Adams Sour Cherry gum. Or the top-of-the-line old fashioned egg creams, ice cream sodas and sundaes. Or the charming, convivial family atmosphere that make a Saturday journey on the F train truly worth the trip.

Interior view of Farmacy with bar stools at the counter, tables on the right and shelves full of yummy goodies

Peter Pan Donuts at Brooklyn Farmacy Details 

You can get Peter Pan Donuts at the Brooklyn Farmacy, located on the corner of Henry and Sackett Streets in Carroll Gardens, about five (pretty) blocks from the F train stop at Carroll Street, and is open on Tuesday through Thursday from 12:00 noon until 10:00 p.m., and on Friday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. For more information please see the Brooklyn Farmacy blog and Peter Pan Bakery. And don't forget to stop at Mazzola Bakery afterward, just one block away on Henry and Union, to pick up a loaf of their unbelievably good Lard Bread to bring home.        




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