Petee’s Pies, an instant contender for NYC ‘s Best Pie, is now open on Delancey!

Mouth-watering Cherry Pie from Petee's Pies in NYC

You can call it whatever you want: Christmas Season… Hanukkah Season… Holiday Season… but more and more I've come to think of this Thanksgiving-to-New-Years stretch as PIE Season. I mean, I eat slices of pie all year round–as a pastry medium, only cookies can compete, except that you can't really go savory with those–but during this month it seems perfectly acceptable to buy a whole pie and keep it around for a few days, just because it's festive and fun. You know: in case "guests" drop by…?  Which leads me to the brand new Petee's Pies, opened last week on Delancey right near Allen Street, and serving an incredible array of what just might the best pie in town. Right up there with what has been my personal favorite for years, Four and Twenty Blackbirds. I've already eaten three kinds of Petee's Pies, all of which were heavenly, and I'm going back for more as soon as possible.

Petee's Pies decadent chocolate pie.

Petee's Pies: Prime Time Pastry Purveyors

A little background: "Petee" is Petra Paredez (so it's pronounced like "pet-y") , who was basically raised in a bakery thanks to her parents' business, Mom's Apple Pie Company, in Virginia. Clearly, all of those years of pounding dough and pulling pre-Thanksgiving all-nighters taught her plenty about making amazing pies. And so New Yorkers everywhere are thankful she brought her skills and obvious crust-love up north to the big town, first serving her baked goodness at the weekly Hester Street Fair, and now in her permanent storefront on the Lower East Side. A word about the physical space at Petee's Pies: this is NOT a cafe; most of the square footage is consumed by Paredez's ovens and work space, though there are homey, welcoming touches throughout, and a few stools and a counter by the window allow you someplace to eat your slices while looking out onto Delancey. She also sells good coffee, of course.    

Petee's Pies delicious Maple Walnut pie

Perfect Pies for Perfect People

But back to the pies. Like I said, I've eaten three kinds so far–the Cherry, the Maple Molasses Walnut, and the Salty Chocolate Chess–and all were perfection, the crust, the fillings, the balance of flavors and textures…. no way can I pick a favorite. Paredez uses fresh, local ingredients when possible, plenty of butter, and I guess a bunch of magic too. You can order whole pies in advance from a large selection on the Petee's Pies website, choose your pick-up date, and be a holiday hero. Or just stop into the spot for a slice or two (while you pick up your pies!) and try whatever Paredez has out and ready at the moment, which usually involves a couple of savory choices as well. She even makes empanadas! Part of me is glad Petee's Pies isn't right near my home, because I'm not sure I could show any kind of restraint.       


For Menu and More Information on Petee's Pies

Petee's Pies is located on Delancey Street, just west of Allen Street, and is open Monday through Wednesday from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., Thursday and Friday until 10:00 p.m., Saturday from 10:00 until 10:30, and Sunday from 10:00 until 6:00. For more information, including online ordering, see here.

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