Alice Aycock’s Sculptures Spin Up A Storm on Park Avenue

An image of Alice Aycock's metal swirling sculpture that resembles a twister on Park Avenue in NYC

Ever since NYC's Neverending Winter (TM) finally ended, we've been getting out and about and strolling around town. One of the best surprises so far this spring is just how much fun and cool Alice Aycock's Paper Chase is, a dynamic series of seven sculptures swirling up the Park Avenue median in the 50's and 60's. If you don't normally get over there during the usual course of your daily rounds, this is worth a special viewing trip, if only for the terrific photo-ops. 

An image of Alice Aycock's metal folding sculpture on Park Avenue in NYC

Alice Aycock's Park Avenue Paper Chase

The pieces that comprise Alice Aycock's Park Avenue Paper Chase have tremendous energy. Aycock's sources of inspiration are violent storms, tornadoes, and, less menacingly, dance movements and drapery folds, all of which she translates quite brilliantly into what are, in reality, huge, heavy, metal sculptures. Whirling dervishes, crashing waves, exploding flowers also come to mind. The sameness in theme by no means implies that these get tedious, or repetitive. In fact, what impressed me the most about Aycock's Park Avenue Paper Chase was how fresh and exciting each piece seemed as we walked down from one to the next. A very pleasant way to spend an hour or so one early-summer weekend afternoon. 

Pair this up with the public art at the Highline and the Met's annual roofop garden, and you've got hours of opportunities to enjoy art and this beautiful weather in NYC!

From a distance, this image shows Alice Aycock's metal folding, swirling sculptures inspired by maelstorm on Park Avenue in NYC

More Information: NYC Public Art

Alice Aycock's Park Avenue Paper Chase will be on view through July 20th, and they're located between 66th and from 52nd Streets. And while you're at it, take a detour over to 59th and 5th to see Olaf Breuning's whimsical blue Clouds, which will be hovering over the entrance to the park throughout the summer. See the complete list of all public art currently in NYC parks at!

An image of a couple dozen people appreciated the cloud public art by Olaf Breuning located in Central Park

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