Two Spanking-New Rinks Make NYC’s Ice Skating Even Better This Year!

Under clear blue skies, New York ice skaters enjoy the ice skating rink at Bryant Park in Midtown NYC

Now that Halloween‘s over it’s time to get serious about wintertime fun… which to me and my family has always meant careening around one of the NYC’s many ice skating rinks.

This year our outdoor outings promise to be more adventurous than ever, with the grand openings of two awesome-looking rinks in Brooklyn: one in Williamsburg’s McCarren Park and the other in Prospect Park near the Q train. And if it seems a little early to break out your triple-axel routine, remember that pre-Thanksgiving dinner festivities is actually a great time to beat the crowds and hit the ice. Anyway, take a look at the two new rinks, plus a few perennial favorites, after the jump.

Image of the empty ice rink at south street seaport with their christmas tree lit in the background

South Street Seaport Ice Skating Rink

A new ice rink open will open up in South Street SeaPort and will be unveiled on November 29th, this open-air rink will be open from 10am-10pm on weekends and also features skate rentals and basic ice skating lessons. General admission is $10, but children 5 years old and under will be free. If you are an avid skater and like the rink, though, they will be offering season passes for full and half seasons. The rink is scheduled to be open until March 2nd. This rink will be particularly great if you want to have a combined holiday ice-skating and Christmas tree viewing trip all at once.

Illustration rendering the up and coming new ice skating rink at Prospect Park Lakeside in NYC

Prospect Park Skating Rink Coming Soon

After several years of construction the Prospect Park alliance will–they promise!–open the spectacular $76 million Lakeside complex before Christmas, which will feature two ice skating rinks–one open-air, the other covered (but not “walled”)–connected by an cool-sounding “ice river”. I got a look at the plans at a presentation earlier this year. For example, the canopy roof of the covered rink will be a lawn in summer and a terrace area in winter, with pretty views all around. If the end result is anything like the concepts and renderings, Lakeside will not simply be a great neighborhood spot, but a destination for all New Yorkers.

Image of Mccarren's empty concrete pool deck in Williamsburg, which will be re-purposed this year into a new ice skating rink

McCarren Park Pool Re-purposed

Two summers ago, after 28-years of allowing the magnificent space to fall into decay, the city brought swimming back to the McCarren Park Pool. This winter, starting November 15, the pool’s deck will be turned into a 7,200-square-foot skating rink, which, though not a vast expanse of ice by any stretch of the imagination, will nonetheless accommodate 300 skaters at a time. This really is a great old Depression-era structure, and if you can get here at non-peak hours, it will probably make for a very pleasant, very pretty place to skate. Plus, afterwards? Any number of great Williamsburg or Greenpoint places to warm up with food and drink. Or you could start your holiday shopping!

Two smiling ice skaters grab for edge of Bryant Park's ice skating rink before they fall onto the ice

Best NYC Ice Skating Rinks Now Open

And if you can’t wait until these Brooklyn spots get their Zambonis rolling, skating has already begun in almost all of Manhattan’s best spots. Read about our favorite ice skating rinks in NYC that are now open!

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