Columbus Circle’s Market is Perfect for Holiday Shopping in NYC

The very crowded Columbus Circle with tons of food, gift, and other holiday stands for the crowds to go into

Urban Space's trio of Holiday Markets, in Union Square, in Bryant Park, and at Columbus Circle, certainly have their touristy (or, at least, suburban mall-ish) side to them. But that doesn't mean that us New Yorkers can't enjoy a gift-shopping and/or snack-eating trip or two between now and Christmas.

I've wandered through all three already this year, and, because of its handy location to Glenwood Upper West Siders, spent about an hour checking out the Columbus Circle Holiday Market the other day to see what's what. The verdict: you can definitely find some tasteful, fun, unique gifts here, plus the expanded "food court" is a total winner. 

Image of one of the stands at Columbus Circle that is selling tons of fun and colorful slippers, like pokemon, panda, elmo slippers, and more!4 girls at the Macaron Parlour stand window ordering different macarons to eat

75 Vendors at Columbus Circle's Holiday Market

The Columbus Circle Holiday Market features nearly 75 different vendors, all decked out in Christmas finery and arranged in cute, small-village fashion. Most of the stuff can be safely skipped (depending on your individual taste, of course… or that of the loved ones on your list) but there are some solid options down just about every one of these winding lanes. The jewelry designers are particularly strong, I think, with Shaya NYC, Brooklyn Charm, and Studio DuArte leading the way. I also liked the elaborate glass cruets and carafes at NYCruets, the apartment-friendly toys at OgoSport, the colorful wallets at United Leather, and the fair-trade scarves and such at Marquet. But if you're thinking of getting ME something this year, I'll take a big "Walk-n-Tear" slab of jerky, please, from the Field Trip booth. 

Man in a flannel shirt playing with a frisbee outside of the ogosport stand at colombus circleAsian women sitting down as she waits for customer to buy clothes at her children's clothing stand in columbus circle

Delicious Food Options For Inbetween Shopping

The food selection at the Columbus Circle Holiday Market 2013 is first-rate, with plenty of favorites from other Urban Space pop-ups like Mad Sq. Eats. Traditional turkish street snacks at MMM Enfes, empanadas at Sonrisa, stuffed rice balls at Arancini Bros, sweet treats at Macaron Parlour, crazy brittle at For the of Love of Pie, Thai favorites at Red Basil… there are lots of options, most of which I've tried before, all of which I've liked. They've set up a whole dining area within the market, too, with communal tables and twinkling lights making for a convivial, festive setting. And if you're looking for great gifts of the desserty variety, there are a couple of excellent artisanal chocolate makers on hand, including the rightly-adored Raaka bars in lots of flavors, and the meltingly rich No Chewing Aloud.  

There's a stand in columbus circle that is dedicated to selling bags, back-packs, and purses

More Information: Columbus Circle Holiday Market

The Columbus Circle Holiday Market is located at the entrance to Central Park at 59th and Central Park West, and is open from now through December 24th, Mondays through Saturdays from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m., and Sundays until 7:00 p.m.

Business man in a suit walking through columbus circle with several bags filled with holiday gifts for his family

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