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Because, as a friend of ours once said, "it takes a long time to read the internet", you may have missed a few of our favorite apartment living links (however tangentially related) from these past few weeks, just as we probably missed a few of your favorites. Thus: link swap. We'll go first. 


Photographic floor plan of Norweigian cruise line cabins shows NYC apartment living folks how to utilize space

There are many reasons why it's unlikely we will ever go on a cruise, but these photographic floor plans of Norwegian Cruise Lines cabins–from "studios" to "penthouses"–obtained by the crew at Core 77 made us think we should get a round bed for our kids' room. Kidding! BUT it is smart, using those space-saving curves and at-first-glance odd angles… and they all made us feel grateful for every square foot we have! 



A tight interior space showing three rooms, with a wooden ladder against the wall and chipped, peeling paint on the floor and walls

We're big Sloane Crosley fans, especially her first collection of essays, I Was Told There'd Be Cake, in which she totally nails, in often very funny fashion, what it's like to be young, single, overwhelmed, and underpaid in New York City. (Her second collection, How Did You Get This Number, was great on relationships and breakups, less great on everything else). Anyway, Sloane Crosley had a terrific piece in the Times' Home section last week, called "Empty Rooms, No Regrets", about the often contradictory emotions that surround moving into a new home and, even more strange, moving away from your old one, where so much LIFE happened; and the false nostalgia you can feel about your "old" neighborhood just weeks–days!–after leaving it ("It requires a supreme level of sappiness to look longingly at a bank that isn't yours next to a children's store you never once entered"); and we're recommending it to everyone who'll listen. 


A room with a book shelf full of books, an old bike on top and a red couch in front shows nyc apartment living at its finest

We've never mastered the art of book wrangling in our apartment living in NYC… even now, with Kindles all around, we still have piles of them spilling over into everything, everywhere. And we're not alone in our self-induced affliction, either, as scrolling through just a few pages of this chaotic but charming tumblr, Bookshelf Porn's editor's favorites will attest. Then watch organizing the bookcase, a cute stop-motion animation, currently making the rounds. 


A photomontage from Bill Cunningham showing a man on a bike, a women in a green coat with an umbrella, a women in red with a black bag, a man in a yellow suit

True, this next is more about NYC apartment living after we LEAVE our homes each day, but still, how can we not give a shout-out to the awesome octogenarian, New York Times fashion-on-street essayist and photographer, Bill Cunningham's on the street videos are always a treat, and we can't wait for the sure-to-be-delightful documentary of his life and work, Bill Cunningham New York, opening on March 16. 


A wall of salon style artwork is how nyc apartment living folks do it - this batch includes portraits, landscapes and abstract art

And we couldn't have a links round-up on apartment living without the inclusion of something from Apartment Therapy, which always inspires and delights, day after day. In this post, Janal Laban scours the site's House Tour submissions from the last six months for a look at Hot Artwork and Display Ideas, most of which we like, especially the mash ups of portraits with (thematic) multiples; and vintage tech with, again, multiples. Can you tell we love Bernd and Hilla Becher's Typologies

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