New York City Home Tours THIS WEEKEND


We love poking around people's homes–how do THEY deal with the challenges of New York City apartment living?–but short of embarking on a new b-and-e career, there are only so many open houses we can get to in a weekend, or friends who will tolerate our home design/real estate obsession. Enter New York City Home Tours, and the excellent round-up outlining the where's and when's in today's New York Times.  



The New York Times piece gives all the details on 13 Home Tours coming up this year, most in May and June, including two terrific-sounding (though, because they are designed as charity benefits, definitely somewhat pricey) events this weekend: on Saturday, May 1, the New York Junior League conducts a tour that will "showcase stylish homes in Manhattan's most sought after neighborhoods", beginning on the Upper East Side; and on Sunday, May 2, the Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation will let you admire (read: gawk at) the interiors of six beautiful town houses downtown showcased in the New York City Home Tours event.  



Other tours this year are much less expensive, and take you to neighborhoods such as Brooklyn Heights, Sugar Hill, and Park Slope. The complete New York Times wrap-up, with links to lots of details about each individual New York City Home tour. Oh, and, somewhat related: a look at abandoned New York City subway tunnel tours, though, unfortunately, the fabled Waldorf-Astoria "station" remains off limits. 


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