New Year’s Eve Snack Guide

Pink cotton candy champagne flutes
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While the idea of watching the ball drop live in Times Square sounds great in theory, I can promise you that the view, warmth, and bathroom situation is 100% better when you watch the action on your TV in your very own NYC apartment. And nothing completes a celebration quite like the perfect collection of snacks! We’ve done the research for you and rounded up five options which will kick off your 2017 on one delicious foot.

Drink: A Whimsical Twist on the Traditional New Year’s Eve Beverage

Champagne and NYE go together like apple pie and the Fourth of July. And while we love this duo, there’s nothing wrong with taking a fresh take on it…Cotton Candy Champagne Cocktails, anyone? We love these because not only do they look lovely and playful, but they’re ridiculously easy to put together. It’s literally champagne with fresh cotton candy on top. And once the cotton candy mixes with the champagne, the bubbly turns pinkish and sweet.

You can pick up fresh cotton candy locally from Dylan’s Candy Bar, a tub will run you $4.00.

Appetizer: Savory Bite Sized Snacks

We love any kind of appetizer you can eat with your hands, because really, who wants to bother with utensils during a NYE bash? These Loaded Cheese Ball Bites are everything! And since there’s a good chance your New Year’s Resolution is to hit the gym come January 1st, it’s totally okay to fully indulge in this fabulous concoction of cheese, garlic, chives, and yes, bacon.

Pick up locally sourced ingredients at Manhattan’s legendary Murray’s Cheese, our favorite cheese shop. No matter if you want to go with a basic cheddar, or an exotic blue for your bites, Murray’s will be able to guide you in the right direction.

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Healthy Option: Elevated Crudites Platter

You’re destined to have at least one guest at your NYE gathering with food restrictions. Whether that means gluten-free, dairy free, meat free, or low-carb, one of the few foods that fits the bill for basically all restrictions is raw vegetables. Enter: the crudites platter! And with farmer’s markets being in full swing in NYC, there’s so many innovative ways to make these not only look beautiful, but taste incredible too.

We love Cupcakes and Cashmere’s tip of displaying your veggies on a cutting board, rather than a traditional platter. It gives a rustic look that’s not too precious, and begs to be delved into. You can pick one up at Sur La Table, nestled right in Midtown.

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A Hearty Option: Mini Polenta Pizzas

One of the most iconic NYC foods in pizza, so we dig the idea of having a version of it on your NYE Snack Menu. These mini pizzas are made with polenta rather than dough, and topped with pesto, cheese, and oven roasted tomatoes. Even though you can still easily pick them up and eat them with your hands, they offer a bit more substance for your guests.

Stop by one of NYC’s many Greenmarkets for ingredients…their veggies are the best!

Chocolate dipped cheesecake bites on a stick covered in rainbow sprinkles
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Dessert: Confetti on a Stick

Anything that looks like confetti on NYE is fair game for snacking, so we fell in love with these sprinkle covered frozen cheesecakes on a stick. Besides their gorgeous aesthetic, we also love how simple these are to throw together. It’s literally a pre-cooked store bought cheesecake, sliced into small pieces, dipped in melted chocolate and covered in rainbow confetti, err, sprinkles.

And there’s no better place to pick up a cheesecake for this delightful treat than Junior’s Cheesecake, which has locations in both Brooklyn and Manhattan. An original cheesecake is $39.95.

What’s on your NYE noshing menu? Give us the inside scoop on your favorite snacks on Facebook and Twitter!

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