Downtown Residents: The Great New Amsterdam Market is Back!

One of the vendors, called Raven & Boar, for the New Amsterdam Market smiling and helping customers.

Excellent news for downtown Glenwood residents… and anyone, really, who likes good food sold in a communal, convivial setting: the New Amsterdam Market has returned for its once-a-month run (plus special events!) outside the historic Fulton Street Market, from now through December. And the next market is this Saturday, June 21! If you've never been, and you're in town this weekend, prepare to fall in love.

Three employees of the Village Fishmongers, man their stand at the New Amsterdam Market, selling fish and other seafood.

Show Up Early for Your Grocery Shopping

I went to the opening on the last in day May, and even though it was kind of a rainy day the market was mobbed with happy shoppers and eaters. Several booths, in fact had sold out by the time I arrived in the early afternoon, including:

  • Illiamna Fish, with its Alaskan Sockeye Salmon
  • Many of the fresh bread varieties from both Orwashers and the amazing Runner & Stone
  • A lot of the sausages and such from Brooklyn Cured

Because unlike the Brooklyn Flea and Smorgasburg –both of which we love, by the way– the New Amsterdam Market dedicates a good two-thirds or more of its space to vendors selling food to bring home, so savvy nearby residents show up first thing and do their grocery shopping.

Women helps a customer try some of the Orwashers bread at a NYC outdoor food market.

Plenty of Portable Goodies for the Passers-by

That's not to say The New Amsterdam Market doesn't have plenty to enjoy for casual passers-by. So maybe you don't want to carry around the amazing-looking mushrooms at the Wild Food Gatherers Guild, or a couple of pounds of fat scallops from the Village Fishmongers, or a giant bag of mixed organic produce for only $10 from the Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative booth. You can still get a huge hunk of Parisian Flan from the wonderful Pistache, or a lunch of Chicken and Ribs at Jimmy's No. 43, or any number of outstanding sweet and savory snackable pies from Greenpoint's Pie Corps. And after your visit, you might want to stroll up the esplanade a bit, and see if the mysterious East River Piano is still on the beach there under the Brooklyn Bridge. 

Male employee of Brooklyn Cured, fires up the grill to cook up sausages for customers.

More Information: The New Amsterdam Market

The New Amsterdam Market will be held this Saturday, June 21, from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and then once a month through December. The Market is located on South Street between Beekman Street and Peck Slip, under the FDR Drive.

A photo of the New Amsterdam Market from a distance, so you can see all the different vendors set up and crowds walking around.

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