The Museum of Mathematics in NYC Makes Math Fun for Everyone!

MoMath math museum in nyc making math fun with this large colorful puzzle exhibit called the math square

Of course math CAN be fun, even for people (like us) who aren't necessarily all that adept with anything beyond the basics. What is surprising is that NYC's spanking-new Museum of Mathematics, which just opened across from Madison Square Park, is the first such institution in all of North America! And not only are we grateful that the great city of New York is home to such a milestone museum, but we're even more pleased to report that they've done an awesome job at bringing things like fractals, physics, and complex geometry to life, both for full-on math geeks and non-believers alike.    

Museum of Mathematics acorn ride exhibit for kids

MoMath is Everything You'd Want in a Math Teacher

We went to MoMath one afternoon during opening week, and though there were still some glitches to be worked out in several of the museum's more than 40 interactive exhibitions, we, and seemingly everyone else there, had a great time exploring the space and playing with all of the cool new gear. Everything at MoMath is aesthetically pleasing from a design standpoint, from the ticket kiosks up front to the rideable pair of square-wheeled tricycles on the bumpy "velodrome" to the giant paraboloid that cuts through the museum's two floors. Most important, though, everything at MoMath is super-intuitive, plus the staff is wonderful: energetic, helpful if you get stuck, friendly, funny…. everything you would want in a math teacher. 

People playing a math logic puzzle at the Math Museum NYC

Math Museum That's Smart, Cool, and Totally Fun

There's a lot to be excited about here at the Museum of Mathematics. That square-wheeled trike is a blast, as is the Coaster Rollers float, which counter-intuitively glides smoothly over the acorn-shaped track. There were people planted in the Enigma Cafe the entire time we were downstairs, poring over the logic puzzles, though we were drawn more to the Rhythm of Life hodgepodge of Joseph Cornell-ish boxes, at which you can create crazy sound-mixes using fractions. Also addicting was the Human Tree projection wall; the interactive, multi-colored lighted floor, with its different challenges and games; the Tracks of Galileo gravity "race tracks"; and the lasers of the Wall of Fire. Most of the exhibitions seem pretty complicated, engineering-wise, and we're a little concerned for their well-being under what is sure to be mobs of class trips. Like we said, several stations were already closed and awaiting repairs. Time will tell, but right now, MoMath get about an A- from us. 

Kids riding the square wheel math exhibit at the Momath in NY

The Museum of Mathematics NYC

MoMath is located on 26th Street between Fifth and Madison Avenues, across the street from Madison Square Park, and is open every day from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (including, by the way, Christmas and New Years). For lots more information, visit MoMath online! 

Math puzzle games at the Museum of Mathematics

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