Momofuku Milk Bar, East Village Bakery with some of the best Manhattan Ice Cream

East Village Ice Cream at Momofuku Milk Bar and Bakery is a Treat

For those of you who are already Momofuku Milk Bar fanatics, the news is this: the new summer soft-serve ice cream flavors have arrived, and they are perfect: Twizzler, Jr. Mint, Sour Patch Kid, Fireball. Yes, following her cereal (Fruity Pebbles, Corn Flakes, etc), and donut (jelly, glazed, etc.) soft-serve series, the mad genius pastry chef Christina Tosi will now be pumping out cold candy in a cup all season long. We've tried all four of the summer varieties–multiple times, actually, but who's counting?–and though they may not win any Manhattan ice cream purists' trophies, they certainly are the most fun flavors in town, guaranteed to provoke some variation of "Wow. This tastes EXACTLY like _________! How'd she do that?"
And if you're a Momofuku Milk Bar newbie, and are not really sure what we're talking about? Well, what are you waiting for?
This East Village Bakery stands out, even in New York City. Seriously, for a certain type of occasion, or craving, nothing in this city full of excellent bakeries and dessert bars beats Momofuku Milk Bar's creative, inspired, and, usually, unbelievably sweet treats. Take Tosi's cookies, for example. There's the gooey, crunchy Cornflake, Marshmallow and Chocolate Chip. There's the Corn, which is like the muffin of your deepest, most decadent fantasies, so sugary and dense and delicious. And there's the ridiculously scrumptious Compost Cookie, which includes potato chips, pretzels, coffee grounds, chocolate chips, graham crumbs, butterscotch chips, and a little bit of flour. Coming soon, Tosi promises: the Cookie Dough Cookie.
There's also a new addition to Momofuku Milk Bar's already gloriously-laden cake and pie department: the Arnold Palmer Cake, a fiendish take on the classic, the country-club beverage, featuring iced tea jelly, lemon mascarpone cream, and almond tea crunch. Other winners – all available whole, or by the slice – include the Cinnamon Bun Pie, the triple-layered Dulce de Leche Cake and, our favorite, Crack Pie, which is kind of like a pecan pie, but without the pecans. And sweeter. It's an East Village Bakery with food that you wish would never leave your mouth.

Momofuku Milk Bar and Bakery details

Momofuku Milk Bar and Bakery is located on East 13th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues. There are several long communal tables at which you can stand and eat your goodies, which is never a bad plan after, for example, seeing a movie at one of the three multiplexes in the area. It's always busy and festive at night, and the music definitely tends towards the loud.

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