Mini Golf in Manhattan (and more!) at Pier 25

Kids laughing and playing min golf on Pier 25 in Manhattan, New York City.

Ok, so it's August, but don't panic: there's still PLENTY of time to do all those great Summer in the City things that make this our favorite time of year. And if "playing mini golf in Manhattan" was on your summer must-do list, like it was on ours, you are sooooo going to love Pier 25. 

View of the mini golf course hole next to the pier on the Hudson River with a Tugboat in the background.

Just (re)opened this summer within the Hudson River Park, Pier 25 is the latest success story in the city's efforts reclaim the waterfront for New Yorkers, making the cool breezes, spectacular sunsets, and beautiful views easily accessible to all, and offering fun things to do once we get there. Located just north of Battery Park City (and the lovely Rockefeller Park), Pier 25 features an already-popular skate park, a really cool children's playground, several well-maintained (so far) beach volleyball courts, and, most important, a tricky and appropriately goofy 18-hole miniature golf course. 

Inside a stone cave on one of the holes of the miniature golf course at Pier 25 Manhattan.

The design of the whole Pier 25 facility — which includes the Mini Golf, the Beach Volleyball, the Playground, the Skate Park, and the soon-to-be-opened Snack Bar — is terrific, from the play areas themselves to details like the signage and iron work. The Pier 25 Mini Golf course is challenging enough to be genuinely fun for the couples and office-crews who flock here after work, but the kids we saw were making their way through the thing quite nicely, too. And there are enough crowd-pleasing gimmicks to keep everybody on their toes, including water hazards, unexpected tunnels, and a cavern/waterfall hole that should provoke thousands of men-on-dates to launch into a Last of the Mohicanish "Stay alive! I will find you!" exhortation to their partner. 

Kids playing under the water buckets in the playground at Pier 25 in New York City.

Also great at Pier 25 is the Children's Playground, especially the trio of buckets that slowly fill with water and then dump it all on the shrieking kids below. And the Skate Park was packed (in a good way), with kids-and-up of varying degrees of skill but all with high levels of cool enthusiasm. The Snack Bar wasn't open, but they sell ice cream (King Cones, etc.) in the Mini Golf office, as well as a few cold beverages. And the views are spectacular… of the river, of course, but also of the downtown sklyine, including the Freedom Tower, the sight of which, if you haven't been downtown in a while, will likely astonish and move you in equal measure by how far along it's come in the past six months.

A view of the new Freedom Tower from Pier 25 park with a blue sky and white clouds.

Mini Golf in Manhattan and more at Pier 25 Details. 

Pier 25 is located within Hudson River Park, just north of Battery Park City, at the western terminus of North Moore Street. The Mini Golf course is apparently open from 3:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m. during the week, and from 10:00 a.m. until 8:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday, though those hours seem odd for the summer. The cost for adults is $5 per round; for children under 14 it's $4. For more information about Pier 25, please see the Hudson River Park website, here.     


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