Welcome O’Merveilleux: NEW Upper East Side Bakery!

Within the glass display at O'Merveilleux are 6 belgian style pastries called the merveilleux

The amount of treat options in NYC is almost overwhelming these days for anyone with sweet tooth. Excellent baked goodies are abound all over town, whether you want cronutscookies, or cupcakes (regular, crazy-filled, or mini-cupcakes); macaronsmille feuille, or financierschurroscaneles, or chocolates in every conceivable variation. Oh and lots and lots of excellent donuts!

Don’t get me wrong though, I welcome all the new delicious options popping up every day! Now, enter the delightful O Merveilleux dessert spot to the heart of the Upper East Side, specializing in–but not at all limited to–the traditional Belgium pastry.

Within O'Merveilleux the interior is bright and relaxed with a large communal table running down the center, where a few customers are enjoying belgian pasteries, coffee and wifi

What is a Merveilleux?

I had never tried a merveilleux before devouring a pair of them the other day at this comfortable cafe. So I don't know whether how these merveilleux compare with other merveilleux, but I do know that they are wonderfully simple, totally satisfying, and really delicious. There are only three ingredients in a marveilleux: chewy meringue, fluffy cream, a sweet(ish) topping like dark chocolate flakes, or speculoos cookie crumbles. They come in two sizes, go well with coffee, and they are terrific. 

Image of a merveilleux Belgian pastry topped with sprinkled chocolate chunks

A NYC Bakery To Hang Out In

Even if meringue's not your thing, O Merveilleux is worth seeking out. For one, the kitchen (which you can see through a big window in the back) is busy baking up plenty of other, more recognizable treats as well, such as waffles, cream puffs, cookies and, in my case, a first-rate bread pudding. In addition, unlike some of the other newish spots around town, there is a welcoming feel to the place, with a big communal table and several more intimate nooks for sitting and chatting or enjoying free WiFi. Basically: get a cup of Counter Culture coffee, a dessert or three, and stay awhile. Nicely done, O Merveilleux. 

O'merveilleux's Belgian bread pudding dish sitting on a plat in a paper cupcake holder

More Information: O Merveilleux

O Merveilleux is located on Second Avenue between 78th and 79th Streets and is open Tuesday through Sunday from 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Closed Mondays.

Image of what you'll see once you enter the door of O'Merveilleux NYC bakery on the Upper East Side

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