Malevich and the American Legacy at Gagosian New York

Kasimir Malevich painting with large rectangular shaped color blocks in green, blue, yellow and black layed on top of one another

Pretty much only Larry Gagosian could create a gallery exhibition that's as historic and deep and exhilarating as Malevich and the American Legacy, on display now at his Madison Avenue triplex in New York, and only until April 30. The centerpiece of the show are six apparently rare and definitely extraordinary paintings by the early-20th-century Russian artist Kazimir Malevich, whose interest in (and obvious love of) pure, geometric form made him one of the pioneers of "non-objective art" as well as the founder of the Suprematism movement. Anyway, Gagosian has for years been in close contact with Kazimir Malevich's heirs, who offered him four of the six pieces here, with the other two on loan from the MoMA and the Art Institute of Chicago. 


A Kazimir Malevich Suprematism painting of a giant red oval on a white background with a black cross in the center

The six Kazimir Malevich art works at Gagosian New York on Madison Avenue–simple, completely abstract, utterly radical for their time–pack a real punch. Bold, graphic, and with a beautiful palette combining the bright and the muted, Malevich hits all of our art-viewing sweet spots. This is excellent stuff, most of which we had never seen before, and curator Andrea Crane call them, accurately, "absolute masterpieces". 

A simple Kazimir Malevich painting of a black circle, and a blue rectangle on a white background

And because this is run by Gagosian, with his seemingly limitless resources and connections, the Kazimir Malevich show is "filled out" with at least two dozen first-rate, geometric-in-design works that cleverly show how the Russian artist's influence extended, wittingly or un-, through the century, and all the way into the work of artists today. 

A view in the Gagosian New York gallery featuring 3 works by Kazimir Malevich - a red, yellow and black vertical piece, a black on white piece, and a standing black sculptural painting

Spread out over the Gagosian Gallery in NYC's three floors, here are 35 additional paintings and sculptures by such modern and contemporary hall-of-famers as Ellsworth Kelly, Dan Flavin, Richard Serra, Cy Twombly, Agnes Martin, Ed Ruscha, Barnett Newman, Sol Lewitt, Frank Stella, James Turrell, and on and on. Some of these works are on loan from museums; still others from the artists' personal collections. None feel tired. This exhibition is energetic and alive, and proves once again that, no matter what you think of Gagosian and big galleries, the man sure knows how to throw an art party.     

Gagosian Gallery in NYC featuring 2 paintings on the wall and one sculpture set just off the wall

Malevich and the American Legacy at Gagosian in New York Details 

The Kazimir Malevich exhibition at Gagosian in NYC is on display now through April 30. The Gagosian is located on the three top floors of 980 Madison Avenue, between 77th and 78th Streets, and is open every Tuesday through Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. For more information about the Malevich art show–including a terrific video tour by curator Andrea Crane–as well as all other things Gagosian, please see the Gagosian Gallery in NYC website


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