Kenny Scharf Artist Mural on the Houston Street Wall

Silly smiley faces and facial expressions in cartoons on a mural on Houston Street painted by artist Kenny Scharf

It’s quickly become one of our favorite public art spaces: “the Wall” on Houston Street (formerly the “Deitch Wall”, now curated by the Hole Gallery), right around the corner from Bowery, and, in case you’re hungry, across the street from Pulino’s Bar & Pizzeria. In the past year or so the space, all 17′ x 50′ of it, has seen a tribute to Keith Haring (whose iconic figures spent over a decade dancing on the “real” wall just behind the new, facade-ish wall); a pastel dreamscape by the Brazilian twins Os Gemeos; Shepard Fairey’s bold and graphic “These Parties Disgust Me”; and, just recently, Twist and Amaze’s public art, beautiful blanketing of the Wall with more than 100 red spray tags.

Close-up of Kenny Scharf mural with colorful cartoon faces with multiple eyes and noses and silly smiles

And now the demented mind and wildly talented hands of artist Kenny Scharf have gotten the call to the Wall… and, after 100 hours of solo spraying, without even a sketch, he delivers a spectacular riot of crazy cartoon faces, all rubbery and goofy and melding into each other, Escher-like. We were fortunate enough to be able to watch Kenny Scharf work on the Wall on his first afternoon out there, and he was so friendly and chatty about his work, and about other people’s work, and about what he likes to do after his work is done, which we won’t go into here.

Artist Kenny Scharf working on his Houston Street mural can of spray paint in hand in a grey hoodie painting cartoon faces

So what does Kenny Scharf’s artist mural on Houston mean? We have no clue. But with all those bright colors and elastic shapes and overall silliness, it looks fantastic, and makes us smile every time we walk by.

Close-up of grey, green, and brown cartoon faces on Houston Street wall mural by Kenny Scharf

Kenny Scharf Mural on the Houston Street Wall Details

The Houston Street Wall, now curated by Greene Street’s Hole Gallery is located on East Houston and Bowery. The Kenny Scharf art mural will be up until we don’t when, but past murals have been defaced by the locals, so we suggest getting there as soon as possible.

View from Houston Street of Kenny Scharf artist mural in colorful smiling faces

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