Jacob’s Pickles: Diamond in the Rough for Upper West Side Restaurants

Jacob's Pickles on NYC's Upper West Side with outdoor seating.

What was the most surprising thing about our massive feast the other night at Jacob's Pickles in NYC, which has been open for almost a year now on the Upper West Side? No, it wasn't that our food—ordered from all over the Jacob's Pickles menu—was so good, the huge plates of classic comfort dishes prepared with obvious skill and care.  Truthfully, we've been burned by Upper West Side restaurants so many times over the years that admittedly it was a bit unexpected how much we enjoyed our dinner. Nor was it the funky, almost Brooklyn-y vibe here–what with its craft-beer and growler program, its emphasis on Southern food, it’s house-pickled everything. Although Jacob's Pickles IS way more cool than anything else in the vicinity. 

Sausage Gravy Smothered Fried Chicken biscuit sandwich at Jacob's Pickles restaurant.

Jacob’s Pickles is One of the Best Restaurants on the Upper West Side Because…

No, for us the MOST surprising thing about Jacob's Pickles was that there has been barely any internet buzz about this fun, first-rate place (which would NOT be true if it were in, say, Cobble Hill, South Williamsburg, or the East Village), And so it's remained a refreshingly local spot, with lots of families and such eating early dinner in the back, a young professionals crowd downing beers and snacks up front, and an almost party-like scene well into the night. People are happy here at Jacob's Pickles. And so were we. 

Pickled Eggs with peppers at Upper West Side's Jacob's Pickles restaurant.

Pickled Everything at Jacob’s Pickles on the Upper West Side

The Jacob's Pickles menu is all pretty appealing and, as we said, the portions are more than generous. Anyway, we started in the Jacob's Pickles "Jacob's Pickles" part of the menu and were treated to a pair of excellent Pickled Eggs, sliced in half and swimming with a bushel of peppers, both sweet and hot, in a kicky jalapeno brine. This was great, and made us want to try more–the Salt and Pepper Asparagus? The Sweet and Spicy Carrots?—next time. The Southern Biscuit Sandwich section was next, and though all of these sound good, we opted for the Sausage Gravy Smothered (Fried) Chicken, which was exploding with flavor, and set upon a huge buttermilk biscuit. Oh, and it also came with a tub a cheese grits.  

Turkey Leg Dinner at Jacob's Pickles on Upper West Side, Manhattan.

Also gracing our increasingly-crowded table at Jacob's Pickles: the gamey, fall-off-the-bone-good Turkey Leg Dinner. This was better than we dared hope, and came with a mountain of mashed potatoes and more than enough tangy, house-made cranberry sauce. You totally don't need to order any sides with either of these dishes, but we did anyway, and were treated to a creamy, nicely-chewy, entree-sized bowl of Mac and Cheese. No way did we have room for dessert, though the Bourbon Bread Pudding is likely the way to go. Or a root-beer floats, with one of three varieties they serve on tap. What a great Upper West Side surprise, that Jacob's Pickles. 

Seating and beer bar at Jacob's Pickles, Upper West Side restaurant.

Jacob's Pickles in NYC Details

Jacob's Pickles is located on Amsterdam Avenue between 84th and 85th Streets and is open for lunch, brunch, and dinner, Monday through Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 a.m. on Friday from 11:00 until 4:00 a.m., and on Saturday and Sunday beginning at 9:00 a.m. For a look at the complete Jacob's Pickles menu (including the extensive beer selection) please see the restaurant's website, here.  

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