Hudson Lodge; Ski-lodge Inspired Bar at the Hudson Hotel NYC

Hudson Hotel's moose head-mount wall display

There is never a dull moment in the architecture at the Hudson Hotel in New York City. Between the flaming torch that marks the entrance accompanied by the stunning chandelier over the front desk to the gigantic watering-can on the terrace and the futuristic lighted floor at the bar, this NYC hotel demands your attention. Located right near Columbus Circle, across from the Time Warner Center on 57th Street, the various venues at the Hudson Hotel have, for several years, been one of our favorite tourists’ spots to get a drink and a snack while soaking in the goofy vibe. This trend continues with the addition of Hudson Hotel bar, the Hudson Lodge, a semi-outdoor bar located on the terrace (you'll drink with your jacket on) with a ski-lodge resemblance.

Hudson Lodge Kitchen Staff prepare food from the menu

Cocktail Hour at the Hudson Lodge

We dropped by the Hudson Lodge the other night, and had a great time gawking at the taxidermy, the dazed tourists, and the holiday-office-party revelers (who were clearly just getting warmed up). We didn't stay for the 8 o’clock nightly fake snowfall, so we can't report on whether that's fun – “SNOW!”, or annoying, i.e. “it's in my drink…” Given that the Hudson Hotel usually errs on the side of delightful in their over-the-top-ness, we're betting on the former. If you're drinking at the Hudson Lodge, in addition to everything else you'd expect booze-wise, the menu features several delicious, cozy cocktails like the Chocolate Bonbon, the Hot Rum Toddy, the Caramel Apple cider.

Delicious chilli dish, topped with sour cream and cheese, off of the Hudson Lodge food menu

Get a Bite to Eat at the Lodge

The Hudson Lodge food menu continues the "après-ski oasis" theme, with a chili-cheese and a chocolate-caramel fondue as well as a serviceable bowl of Chipotle Brisket Chili–chunky, slightly kicky, and sprinkled with Fritos. Hot chocolates topped with your choice of "crushed candy cane, pretzel dust, burnt marshmallow, or gooey cookie dough". Keep your expectations in check and you'll likely enjoy any of the above. The only real food-related misstep here at the Hudson Lodge was the intriguing-sounding but way-too-timidly prepared S'More Grilled Cheese, which had barely any of the promised cheese, Nutella, or maple syrup, and so tasted mostly like bread. 

Cocktail hour at the Hudson Lodge, people mingling and drinking

More information on the Hudson Lodge

The Hudson Lodge is located on the second floor of the Hudson Hotel, the entrance to which is on 57th Street between 8th and 9th Avenues. The Hudson Lodge is open every day from 4:00 p.m. to 12:00 midnight. For more information and a look at the complete Hudson Lodge food and drinks menus, visit the Hudson Lodge online. 

Following the sign pointing to the Hudson Lodge terrace bar in NYC


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