Best Places in NYC to Stay Warm During the Winter

Image of a private hot tub in nyc surrounded by candles and relaxing decor at Setai

Warm-cold-warm-frigid…so far New York's weather has been a bit of a yo-yo this winter, with temperatures bouncing around from a disconcertingly balmy mid-50’s to arctic-like single digits within the span of a day or two. It's hard to know what to expect for the next few months (not to mention how to dress!). For those arctic chill periods that are bound to hit us again, here are some of our favorite ways to get cozy and warm even when the wind chill bites into our bones.

Image of the interior of the Ninth Ward bar in NYC, with a cozy feel and a fireplace to get warm in front of

Enjoy Cocktails By The Fire

Sipping a warming beverage in front of a roaring fire is pretty much the ideal way to blast those winter blues away. However, while the former is easy to find, the latter can be a trickier proposition. Several solid lists of "Best NYC Bars With Fireplaces" have been posted recently, with our friends at Gothamist and Time Out New York leading the way with suggestions all over the city. Among the hot spots highlighted in Manhattan are:

A spoon covered in chocolate and dripping into a to-go cup of hot chocolate from Jacques Torres

Our Favorite Cups of Hot Chocolate in NYC

Of course, beverages don't have to be of the alcoholic variety to warm your insides. There has been an explosion of fantastic hot chocolate in this town over the past decade. Remember when those powdered instant packets were pretty much all you could find? A few of my personal favorite cups of cocoa include:

The outdoor pool area of Spa Castle in NYC, with a large pool, hot tubs, and saunas to relax in

New York's Jacuzzis, Saunas, and Steam Rooms

Finally, if you want liquids to warm you from the outside, what could be more soothing than a nice, long soak in a hot tub? There are day spas around town that offer access to jacuzzis, saunas, and/or steam rooms, so you can pick the exact moment this winter when you're most sick of being freezing and show up for some of that sweet, sweet heat. 

  • The Setai Club in the Financial District will set you back $65, but the "swanky new age" atmosphere can't be beat. 
  • The Great Jones Spa in Noho has a thermal tub and a river-rock sauna in its "water lounge" area, and costs $50 for three hours. And if you really want to make an adventure out it, get a crew together and head on out to the over-the-top (and only $40 on weekdays!) 
  • Spa Castle in Queens, which not only offers a ridiculous array of heated pools (indoors and out), massage baths, and saunas on its four floors of warming wonderland, they also serve cocktails.

Besides day spas, hot chocolate and fireplaces, what are some of your favorite indoor, cozy activities to keep warm in the winter?

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