The High Line Rink: Uniqlo New York Sponsors Roller Skating Under One of NYC Best Parks!

Street level view of the High Line roller rink in Chelsea, New York.

Roller skating plus tacos trucks plus beer plus the High Line?! Sign us up! A few weeks ago the excellent Friends of the High Line teamed up with the Japanese clothing giant Uniqlo and plopped down the expansive High Line Roller Rink at the northern end of what has become one New York City's great attractions, the High Line Park. Where last month stood (ballooned?) those towering bouncy blow-ups from Friends With You, now until the end of September roller skaters from all over the planet are gliding and dancing and falling and generally having a blast, day and night, fortified with food and beverages from Top Chef Tom Colicchio's adjacent beer garden (with food trucks), Lot on Tap. 


Two roller skaters enjoying the High Line Roller Rink in New York City.

We strolled on over to the High Line Rink one recent afternoon and found the place to be virtually empty, though it definitely does get to be more of a party when the sun goes down, and on weekends. Because the High Line Rink is sponsored by Uniqlo New York, the cost to roller skate here, including rentals, is a reasonable $12 for adults, $10 for the under-13ers in your life. And although we weren't really convinced by the look of the High Line Roller Rink — the rink's walls are those plastic construction site barriers you see everywhere (which, we also concede, is a smart, environmentally-sound example of reusing existing objects rather than constructing something new) — the jagged, spiraly design of the rink's floor, set against the grid of the rest of the lot, makes for a nice aerial view. 

Aerial view of the High Line Roller Rink with its orange and white barriers and geometric patterns.

What we DID like was the design of the High Line Roller Rink's Uniqlo pop-up cubes, inside of which you can buy the retailers' signature, brightly-colored, cheaply-priced cashmere sweaters, down vests, and other fall clothes (there are also some t-shirts for sale if you can't bear to think about sweaters right now). And the skate rental "house" at the High Line Rink is a nifty, extremely orange repurposed shipping container. And, of course, there's the High Line itself, looming right nearby, perfect for a stroll either before or after your roller skate. Or both. 

Uniqlo New York's pop-up cubes for retail sales by the High Line roller rink in New York City.

The High Line Rink Details 

The High Line Roller Rink is located on the corner of 30th Street and 10th Avenue, at the northern end of the High Line Park, and is open every day at 11:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. on Sunday through Wednesday, and 11:00 p.m. on Thursday through Saturday. Tom Colicchio's next-door Lot on Tap shares the same hours. For more information about the High Line Rink, the Lot on Tap, and about the High Line Park in general, please see the High Line website, here.  

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