High Line Events for October: Yes! Soup for You!!

New Yorkers enjoying home made soups during the Social Soup Experiment at the High Line Park.

No need to explain what the High Line is, right? This magnificently created and constructred walkway on the West Side has attracted millions of walkers, art lovers, street performers, runners, baby carriage pushers and many other pedestrian types since 2009. As impressive as the restoration of this former rail structure is, it is the seemingly constant flow of special events and exhibits that make the High Line one of the most interesting things to do in NYC.

Homemade soup and fresh bread at the Social Soup Experiment at the High Line Walkway.

The Social Soup Experiment on the High Line

Last year, we told you about the excellent Social Soup Experiment at the High Line Park.  The Social Soup Experiment is a fantastic time with great food including huge bowls of hearty homemade soup, fresh-baked bread, hand-churned butter, right-from-the-farm apples, and set in one of the most unique locations at which to "break bread" with friends…and make some new ones.  Hope you had your mouse-clicking-fingers ready this year when tickets went on sale October 1. They sold out in a FLASH. We were lucky and snagged a pair of seats, but if you were not perhaps it's not too late. Last year, there were tickets available on the day of the feast, at the "door", so if you're in the area on October 20–it's under the roof near the 14th Street entrance to the park–between 11:30am and noon, when seating begins, you might want to pop by and see if there are any no-shows.  

Jennifer West's screening of the film "One Mile Parkour" on the wall under the Standard Hotel.

Art Film and Halloween on the High Line in October

Even if the Social Soup Experiment doesn't work out for you, you should know that the High Line has really expanded their community-building activities and special events. In addition to an increasingly rich High Line Art schedule (there seems to be a new piece on the High Line Billboard over the parking lot on 20th Street every time we go by; and that treasure-hunt-ish Lilliput exhibition will be ongoing through until next April) there are also a couple of things happening in the coming weeks that we're going to be attending, and so thought you might be interested as well. 

On Wednesday, October 17, Jennifer West will be screening her film "One Mile Parkour" on the wall under the Standard Hotel. This was a really interesting project: West shot a movie of parkour performances, which is where practitioners aim to move quickly and efficiently from one place to another, negotiating the obstacles in between. She then unspooled the film strip and taped it down along the entire length of the High Line, inviting everyone to draw on, stomp on, scratch up the film. The screening should look really cool.

And on Saturday, October 27, the High Line will be throwing a family-friendly Haunted Halloween party from 11:00am until 1:00pm, complete with pumpkin decorating, a scavenger hunt, face painting, "historical characters" (meatpackers, West Side cowboys, etc.) handing out treats, and the High Line Ghost Train, made from recycled materials. 

Jennifer West taping her film strip "One Mile Parkour" at the High Line walkway.

High Line Fall October events details 

For more information about all of the special High LIne events going on this month, please see the High Line October calender, here.    

Jennifer West's unspooled film strip taped to the High Line walkway.

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