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Greetings good people of Glenwood, Steinthal here from NYC dining and entertainment site We break restaurants down by what we'd tell our friends they're "Perfect For" whether it be a First/Early In The Game Date, Chronic Brunch, Dinner With The Parents or a place with Action At The Bar. Since Glenwood's focus is on apartments, we thought it'd be appropriate to focus on some of our favorite Neighborhood Hang restaurants. We'll visit Williamsburg, Murray Hill, Union Square, both the East & West Village and even venture up north to the UES today. 

Neighborhood: Williamsburg
Restaurant: Marlow & Sons


Marlow & Sons is friendly and inviting; a funky oyster bar relatively small in size but big on personality. A fitting selection of funk, soul and electro sets the positive vibe that feels like a nice hybrid between San Francisco and NY.

Neighborhood: East Village
Restaurant: Frank


On a beautiful day when Frank is on full blast it's like the East Village's see and be seen answer to Pastis. Everyone at Frank is feelin' it "it" being life. The vibe is contagious, and you really can't escape it. It's places like this that make the East Village one of the dopest neighborhoods in the entire world.

Neighborhood: Murray Hill
Restaurant: Blue Smoke


Not only does the food at Blue Smoke still stand up to the newer BBQ joints in town, but it also has a great bar, which touts their very own house beer and an amazing selection of whisky, scotch, and bourbon. Whatever your company, come with hungry people and don't plan a big night after… this isn't light eating.

Neighborhood: West Village
Restaurant: Cabrito


Cabrito's food is top notch and is some of the better Mexican available downtown. They're famous for their goat, but don't let that scare you. We've passed on goat completely, and still had successful feasts. When it comes to margaritas, they don't mess around. They're constantly having happy hour specials (follow their Twitter to cash in on their impromptu drink specials), and even when the drinks are full price, they're stiff and worth every penny.

Neighborhood: Upper East Side
Restaurant: Flex Mussels


Flex is a restaurant import from Prince Edward Island, which immediately gives it some credibility. The menu sports twenty plus treatments to the bivalve; each variation is a clever combination of flavors named for and taken from regions and cultures around the world. We sat at the bar on my most recent visit, and the service was great. So much so, that we ended up hanging late at our bar seat and polishing off more than the bottle of wine from dinner and moving into "sure I'll try that drink you're making" on to "you guys should totally come to my birthday party" territory. It's a lively atmosphere and there is something amazingly satisfying about digging into a pot of mussels and a decent bottle of wine.

Neighborhood: Union Square
Restaurant: Rye House


We're huge fans of these new school drinking establishments that deliver the goods with their beer and cocktail repertoire, but also make sure the kitchen plays a big role in defining what they're all about. Rye House is a perfect example of this trend. It's not fancy or trying too hard. It's the kind of place ideal for grabbing beers and grub with friends after work on a Friday night. When I think about bars in this city I actually enjoy hanging out in, Rye House definitely fits the mold.

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