NYC Green Apartments: Green Power in Glenwood Buildings

Drawing of a NYC Green Apartment, the Emerald Green skyrise in midtown Manhattan with white exterior and a ton of windows

New York City living is already relatively energy efficient and eco-friendly (think: mass transit, lots of walking, smaller living spaces to heat and power than similarly-priced houses in subrurban and rural areas), but Glenwood Management is committed to going even further to create NYC green apartments. As of right now, 25% off all the energy used in all Glenwood properties is purchased through ConEdison Solutions Green Power program. That’s a full quarter of the buildings’ annual usage of approximately $7 million worth of power. 

Windo turbines in the mid west in a amber grain field provide alternative enery for green apartment living


Renewable energy is available in two forms from ConEdison Solutions: there’s Green Power, which is great, and consists of 35% wind-generated electricity and 65% small hydro power; and there’s pure Wind Power, which is even greater, because it’s 100% wind generated, which is about as clean as energy generation gets, with no emissions, no byproducts, and less negative land impact than other green solutions. Now, it’s not as if Glenwood has put up those huge wind turbines on top of their buildings. ConEdison Solutions works in areas without wind farms (such as our own) by funneling our payments out west, and purchasing wind power for residents there. The more demand New York City creates for renewable energy, the more reliant the national grid, as a whole, becomes on wind and small hydro power. Smart, for green living right? Also: totally the right thing to do. 


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For more information on Green Power, Wind Power, and ConEdison Solutions, please visit the Green Energy Products website.        


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