Grand Central Centennial; 100 Year Celebration on February 1st

Grand Central Centennial 100 years celebration

There's no shortage of topics that New Yorkers are happy to argue about, from where to get the best bagels to who was here first for that cab to whether the Knicks are going to choke or actually make a run of it this year. But if there's one we all can agree upon, both native New Yorkers and recent transplants alike, it is this: Grand Central Terminal is awesome.

It functions beautifully as a transportation hub (no? compare, please, to the abomination that is Penn Station). It looks fantastic, inside and out: the spectacular Main Concourse, the lovely hidden nooks and small secrets, the magnificent colonnaded facade… this is truly a urban architectural masterpiece. And on February 1, just a week or so away, Grand Central Station Terminal turns 100, a day marked by special events, lively performances, and "1913 pricing" in select stores and restaurants throughout.

Grand Central Centennial crowded with people for its 100 year celebration

Attending Grand Central Centennial Ceremony

We definitely plan on attending at least part of the Grand Central Centennial on February 1, and though all the details aren't yet finalized, it seems like its going to be quite a party. Among the highlights of the Grand Central 100 Years celebration: the Opening Ceremony from 10:00 to 11:30 which, in addition to a few undoubtedly dull speeches from politicians and MTA officials, will also feature the likes of the always-adorable Cynthia Nixon, Mets World Series champ Keith Hernandez, and the Celia Cruz Bronx High School Choir; the unveiling of Lego Grand Central at noon; a variety of raucous goings-on between 1:00 and 4:00, courtesy of, among others, the Knicks City Dancers, and cast members of the upcoming musical “Orphan Train”; and, at night, music and dancing via Rhythm Collective and the big band sounds of Vince Giordano. 

Drawing of Grand Central Centennial celebration and constellations

Remembering Grand Central Terminal History

We spent a lot of time in Grand Central during its less-than-glorious years of the 1970s and '80s, and so, to us, one of the most amazing things about the Terminal these days is all of the genuinely appealing food and shopping options (also: that you can see the stars on the ceiling… remember when it was completely covered by a thick layer of tar from decades of smokers?). Even MORE appealing, during the ceremony Grand Central Terminal restaurants will have 1913 pricing! For example: Pescatore will be hawking 19¢ shrimp and 13¢ clams; the great Li-Lac Chocolates will sell you a hunk of their Legendary Fudge for two bits (aka, 25¢); 6¢ will buy you a loaf of rye at Zaro's; and 10¢ will get you a shoe shine at Leather Spa. There are also going to be tons of "sponsored" freebies at special centennial tables throughout the Terminal. Happy 100 Grand Central!    

Learn More about Grand Central Centennial

Grand Central's 100th Birthday Party will take place on Friday, February 1, with events, performances and giveaways happening all day from 10:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. For more information and complete schedule, visit the Grand Central Centennial online!

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