Most Beautiful Off-limits NYC Spaces Photographed by Gotham Ruins

A Gotham Ruins original photograph of the view of NYC from the top of the Manhattan Bridge at night

True to form, it sure is quiet around the city this last week of summer. Yes, of course, there's plenty of last(ish)-chance things to do if you're in town over Labor Day weekend–I highly recommend the dance party Warm Up! at MoMA PS1, the antique amusement park Fete Paradiso on Governor's Island, the free outdoor opera (in HD!) in the main Lincoln Center plaza, and/or taking the A train out to Rockaway Beach–but otherwise? Yup, it's pretty quiet… but not nearly as quiet as the beautiful, empty NYC places as photographed by the mysterious, wildly talented "2E", otherwise known as Gotham Ruins. 

Gotham Ruins photograph of an abandoned NYC hallway with weathered cement pillars and dim light shining through the windows

The Abandoned Places of NYC

I've been following Gotham Ruins on Flickr for a while now, and if you have an account I suggest you do the same. Not only does he upload new shots on a regular basis, but sometimes he tells the always-fascinating story about he got into (or up on, or down under, or whatever) these usually off-limits, sometimes dangerously difficult-to-reach spaces. From inside the soon-to-be-demolished Domino Sugar Factory to the tops of the Williamsburg and Brooklyn Bridges; from abandoned subway stations to the legendary Gowanus Bat Cave, Gotham Ruins has snuck in there and captured it. You can find lots more photographs by 2E, aka Gotham Ruin, on his website

Gotham Ruins photograph on the Gowanus Bat Cave, with high rafters and graffiti on the walls

A Gotham Ruins original photograph of the view of NYC from the top of the Williamsburg Bridge at night, the lights of the city brightly shining

Gotham Ruins NYC Exhibition

But 2E's enviable escapades aren't only about snagging these amazing photographs, though they ARE amazing, and if you want to see them larger than your computer screen, head over to Chelsea's ArtNow NY Gallery on West 28th Street through August 31 for a terrific exhibition of his work. Gotham Ruins is equally concerned with, as his website puts it, "subversive preservation: documenting the historic before it is obsolete." In a city that seems to be changing more rapidly than ever before, tearing down the old to make room for the new, that is a valuable service indeed. 

Gotham Ruins art exhibition at Chelsea's ArtNow NY Gallery, with all of his photographs of abandoned places of NYC hanging on the wall

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