Golosi New York Gelato and Artisan Pizza in Midtown Manhattan

golosi gelato

It’s sort of an odd spot, where the Roman-inspired Artisan Pizza and Gelato parlor set up shop last spring, on a non-descript block just south of Grand Central. Just the other day, we noticed that they opened a second location, at an equally unmemorable address in the east mid-30s. Sure, the lunchtime crowd is thick in that part of town, but unlike the locations of other serious New York City gelato purveyors – Grom, for example, on the Upper West Side and in the West Village; or L’Arte del Gelato, also downtown, and in Chelsea – we can’t imagine there’s enough pedestrian traffic and local “regulars” at night to support yet another frozen-treat place in a city that’s increasingly becoming the frozen-treat capital of the universe.

Golosi, New York has first-rate Gelato

golosi gelato

We hope we’re wrong, though, because Golosi clearly is serious about its gelato, all of which is freshly made, by hand, on premises, in both classic and more contemporary “creative” flavors, and, judging by the six or seven kinds of gelatos we’ve tried, all of which is truly top-notch, truly delicious stuff.   

golosi gelato

Our favorite combination on the thick-and-sweet side of the menu was a knee-buckling double scoop of decadent Dulce de Leche and chunky Ferrero Rocher, packed with morsels of those excellent hazelnutty chocolates. If you’re looking for gelato that’s a bit lighter, and more refreshing, the Watermelon, the Lemon Strawberry, and the Pink Grapefruit are all first-rate. And even Golosi’s more gimmicky gelato flavors, like Birthday Cake, Aloe Vera and Red Bull (yes, made with the highly-caffeinated beverage), delivered.

Artisan pizza in midtown Manhattan… sold by the inch!

golosi gelato

As if having some of the best gelato in New York City wasn’t enough reason to stop by, there’s also artisan pizza in Midtown Manhattan: thin-crusted, sold by the inch, piled high with fresh ingredients, right near Grand Central. We haven’t tried the artisan pizza yet, but if Golosi’s pizzaiolos are half as dedicated to their craft as are their gelato-makers, we have a feeling we will not be disappointed.

Golosi Artisan Pizza and Gelato info

Golosi Artisan Pizza and Gelato in Midtown is located on Park Avenue between 42nd and 41st Streets, and is open from 11:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. during the week; 1 p.m. to a mere 7:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday.


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