Go Burger: Some of the Best Burgers in NYC

People walk past the outdoor tables of a Go Burger restaurant in NYC

No matter where you live in NYC, a good neighborhood burger place can always make apartment dwelling feel like home. Glenwood has luxury rental apartments on the Upper East Side and Midtown West (or, if you prefer, North Chelsea). As luck would have it, Go Burger, which specializes in tasty, hearty burgers, has establishments in both neighborhoods. At Go Burger, you can find classic or gimmicky burgers and an assortment of fried sides including waffle fries, tater tots, skinny fries and more. Sound good so far? It is.

Close up of the Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings served with a stalk of cellery at Go Burger in NYC

Finding the Best Burger in NYC

We’ve been to Go Burger plenty of times, mixing it up with our burger selections. The BLT, with smoked bacon, lettuce, tomato, and Go Burger’s special mayonnaise sauce is fun. Then there’s the UltiMelt, a burger with a gruyere-on-rye grilled cheese sandwich for a bun. They also serve a simple and tasty Smashed Burger which always left us feeling satisfied. The kitchen is good at cooking your burger as requested (we like ours medium rare, please) and though things do occasionally slip through cracks (wan condiments, limp fries) you always feel as if people are paying attention to your needs.

Close up of the Mac and Cheese burger on a plate at Go Burger in NYC

Go Burger is More than Just NYC Hamburgers

On our most recent trip to Go Burger, we visited their big Upper East Side restaurant on Second Avenue. We went big and fried by starting out with Spicy Buffalo Chicken Wings. They were fat, crispy, and had enough hot sauce to really make our lips tingle. The Mac and Cheeseburger came with the expected meat but then topped with bacon, cheddar, smoked ketchup, caramelized onions and a crunchy, deep-fried disc of mac-and-cheese. For the calorie conscious, there are a few somewhat lighter options on the Go Burger menu, including tacos and (meaty) salads, however this is mostly a cuisine designed to fill you up in a hurry. Not that the early evening rush of families with little kids or the late night crowds of packs of drinking buddies seem to mind.

Inside a Go Burger restaurant in NYC before dinner rush fills up the dining room

Go Burger details 

There are two Go Burger restaurants, on Second Avenue between 74th and 75th Streets, and the 2GO Burger (which has a few counter seats) on 38th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues. Then there’s also the Go Burger truck. While we’ve never eaten there, it seems to get mobbed everywhere it stops. For lots more info and a look at all their menus, visit the Go Burger website

Crowds wait outside the Go Burger food truck in NYC late at night

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