Go Burger NYC, new(ish) on the Upper East Side

Exterior view of go burher in NYC a big open space packed iwth people

Go Burger NYC (as opposed to Go Burger LA), opened a couple of months ago in a central Upper East Side location, and seemed primed from the start to be a go-to neighborhood spot for families, groups, dates, couples… really: anyone who likes an easy, fun burger-fries-shake meal every now and again. First, Go Burger NYC has a solid pedigree, because it's basically BLT Burger–same management, same-ish menu, different name–one of our favorite Union Square-ish quick bites. And it has a few gimmicky, albeit well-executed, dishes to attract attention, including a variety of Spiked Milkshakes (a "Grandma's Treat", for example, with maker's mark, caramel and vanilla ice cream), and a thisiswhyyou'refat, tumblr-ready "Ultimelt", which is essentially a burger with bacon a between a pair of grilled cheese sandwiches. 

Close up of a delicious Go Burger Buger stacked with lettuce, pickles, and tomatoes on a bun

Anyway, we've stopped into Go Burger NYC a few times since its opening and, despite some fixable (or ignorable) flaws, have enjoyed the safe-but-lively atmosphere (the servers are young and smiley; the music family-friendly rock-n-roll), and left content and satisfied. The Go Burger menu is super eager to please: there are a dozen burger varieties here, AND mac-and-cheese, AND at least five types of fries, AND cobb salad, AND fried chicken, AND fish tacos, AND all those milkshakes, both regular and "adult". And the prices are NYC-reasonable, with your mains all in the low- to mid-teens, and starters and sides in the single digits. 

Close up of a cone of waffle shaped french fries at Go Burger in NYC

The BLT with cheese is our favorite so far of the Go Burger burgers, the meat a rich and tangy blend of sirloin, short rib, chuck and brisket, each time cooked precisely to our requested medium rare (as at BLT Burger, your Go Burger arrives with a little flag indicating your requested done-ness); the bacon smoky and crisp. We wish the Go Burger buns were a little less bready, a little more chewy (and, honestly, the kitchen should just skip the tomato altogether instead of slapping on one of those pale, flavorless travesties they seem to have in stock), but all in all, the meat is tasty enough to make this a burger worth repeating. In the fry department, we're sticking with the Waffles, fluffy on the inside, crisp on the outside, coated with just the right amount of spices to keep things interesting. A nice addition to the neighborhood. 

Interior view of Go Burger NYC with bar and stolls to the left and booth to the right

Go Burger NYC Details 

The Upper East Side Go Burger is located on Second Avenue 75th and 76th Streets, and is open every day from 11:30 a.m. to 11:30 p.m. For a look at the full Go Burger NYC menu.   

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