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Top 10 Apartment Hunting Tips for NYC Renters

Renting an apartment in New York City can be an overwhelming process, especially if you are not familiar with the Manhattan rental market.  To help educate renters and alleviate the stress that most face when searching for new rental apartments in Manhattan New York, Glenwood, New York’s premier developer, owner and manager of luxury rental apartments, today announces the top 10 apartment hunting tips for NYC renters.  This is a renter?s guide to what they should pay attention to when in the market to lease an apartment.

Glenwood has the knowledge and experience to guide both the first time renter as well as those more experienced in the rental market.  These insights can serve as a renter’s guide for all prospective tenants:

  1. Renters should be aware that if an ad is being placed by a real estate broker or their agent, they must identify themselves as such in the advertisement.  When responding to an ad, find out to whom you are speaking and if there are any fees associated with the advertised apartment. Ask this question each time you are shown another apartment.
  2. Ask the agent/broker if they have seen this particular unit. Professional agents will earn their commission by previewing all their listings before making representation to potential renters. This apartment hunting tip for NYC can save a lot of time and you?ll avoid being shown apartments that are not right for you.
  3. If you are considering an apartment that needs work, is getting upgrades, or is in disrepair, the owner or manager should be willing to make these representations in writing.
  4. If your search has taken you to smaller buildings and walkups, you will probably be dealing with a broker and may never meet the owner of the building or apartment. In this case, the broker may be handling the transaction and you will be relying on his/her representations. Keep in mind that all licensed New York State brokers and agents are issued a pocket card and are required to furnish it upon request.
  5. Be wary of anyone insisting on cash for rent and security deposits. This important apartment hunting tip for NYC is here to make you aware of these scams. There are cases of scam artists who have access to empty apartments, or tenants who are moving out or being evicted from their apartments, who will advertise the apartment at a low rent. Motivated by the prospect of getting a “great deal,” the unsuspecting applicant will be convinced to provide a cash deposit quickly before they lose the deal to someone else. Don’t do it. These scam artists have been known to collect deposits from multiple hopeful tenants before disappearing with the funds.
  6. Some brokers or management companies may require a credit check upon application for an apartment. The usual range for this fee is $50 to $75. Fees over $75 are excessive.
  7. Separate application fees are not common and if you are being charged one, ask if it is refundable should you not get the apartment for any reason.
  8. Be wary of tenants who are subletting their apartments “illegally”, i.e. without landlords consent. In most leases owners reserve the right to approve all sublets. Subletting without approval may cause problems including eviction. It is preferable to have you own apartment with your own lease.
  9. Beware of Internet postings showcasing enticing housing situations. Remember this apartment hunting tip for NYC: If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Be wary if asked to send personal information and an application fee to an unidentifiable company with no phone or address.
  10. Avoid salespeople who seem more interested in making a commission than in finding you the right apartment.

“Renters should reference this apartment rental guide, use common sense, and trust their instincts when searching for an apartment,” said Steve Maschi, VP Marketing for Glenwood. “With a variety of apartments available in New York City, searching for your new home can be fun and exciting, and you will be successful in renting the apartment of your choice if you follow the apartment hunting tips for NYC outlined above.”

Glenwood Luxury Apartments

Glenwood has several new affordable luxury apartment rentals in New York City:

  • Emerald Green, Exceeding the New York State Energy Code for efficiency and sustainable design, without compromising luxury.  Located on 38th Street just west of Eighth Ave, it offers modern kitchen designs, a fitness center with a lap swimming pool and spa, indoor and outdoor lounges, and a parking garage outfitted with electric cars charging stations.
  • Liberty Plaza, which lies in the heart of the Financial District at 10 Liberty Street, offers well-designed apartments with 9-foot ceilings and 8-foot doors, full size washer and dryers in each apartment, a 50-foot, two-lane exercise swimming pool with sun terrace and a Fitness Center with saunas.
  • Hampton Court, located at 333 East 102nd Street at First Avenue, offers a more suburban feel.  It features beautifully landscaped gardens both on the exterior of the building as well as within the artfully designed courtyard that provides lush garden views from many residences.

About Glenwood

For over four decades, Glenwood has been dedicated to improving and enriching the “quality of life” offered in each of its luxury Manhattan real estate rental buildings.  Prestigious locations, outstanding views, elegant lobbies, and impeccable services are benchmark qualities that have become synonymous with the Glenwood name.  The continuity established as owner, builder and manager for each of its properties has garnered Glenwood accolades as the leader in its field.  The company continues to maintain its status in the industry by providing the highest standards of living for their residents.  Innovative design, superior construction and meticulous supervision of building personnel, distinguish all Glenwood residences.

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