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Orange and purple boxes of girl scout cookies peanut butter cremes and samoas

We're as susceptible to cookie-based nostalgia as anyone else… especially, perhaps, of the Girls Scout Thin Mints/Samoa variety. Problem is, if you don't have a neighbor or co-worker hawking their wares, it's not that easy to get your annual Girl Scout cookies fix. Enter the Girl Scout Cookie Pop-up Shops, open now through May, one in each of the five boroughs, where you can stroll right in off the street and buy all the boxes you can manage to carry. 


Street view of the entrance into a girl scout cookie pop up shop in NYC

We stopped by the Manhattan outlet yesterday, conveniently located (for us) on 23rd Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, hard by Mario Batali's Eataly and the great Madison Square Park. And while the "pop-up shop" tag proved to be a misnomer–really, it's in a somewhat depressing conference room in the Girl Scout offices, accessible via slow elevator up to the sixth floor–we scored a box of Samoas, a box of Do-Si-Dos, and arrived home heroes.

A white room with big beams and bright sunny windows is one location for the girl scout cookie pop up shops in NYC

The Girl Scout Cookie Pop-up Shops sell the classic six flavors only: the candy-bar-ish Samoas and creamy peanuty Do-Si-Dos, obviously, and also the venerable Thin Mints, Tagalongs (peanut butter and chocolate), Lemon Chalet Creams (which we've never tried because they sound kind of gross) and Trefoils shortbreads. 

Close up of 3 samoas girls scout cookies - 3 peanut butter cookie are out of focus in the background

Now, we realize that Girl Scout Cookies of any variety don't really taste as great as our memories can lead us to believe: definitely way better than your basic Oreo or Chips Ahoy; not nearly as good as any number of bakery goodies from the likes of Levain Bakery or Momofuku Milk Bar or City Bakery. That said, you can't discount the special-treat-happiness that a box or three of these can provoke, even in our kids, for which the nostalgia factor is pretty much zero. So: treat yourself, treat your loved ones, treat your officemates. 

Girl Scout Cookies NYC Pop-up Shops Details 

The Girl Scout Cookies "Pop-up Shop" in Manhattan is located at 43 West 23rd Street, between Fifth and Sixth Avenues, up on the 6th floor. Girl Scout Cookies are sold every Tuesday and Thursday from 12:30 p.m. until 4:30 p.m., and on Wednesdays from 2:30 until 6:30, from now through May 5. For more information and for locations outside of Manhattan, please see the Girl Scouts website

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