Getting Your Apartment Ready For Winter

Winter is coming, are you ready? Today we will cover tips for preparing your apartment for winter, such as ways to make the apartment feel cozy and warm, as well as preparing indoor activities for the inevitable NYC snow day.

Cozy throw blanket, tea and book open on a couch

Bring Out The Throw Blankets!

It’s the perfect time to transition your Glenwood apartment decor, getting it cozy for the upcoming months of chilly weather. A simple way to do this is to bring your throw blankets out of storage, and drape them over your sofa and beds for a layer of extra snuggles. Whether you’re staying in for the night watching Netflix or huddling under the covers in bed with a good book, you’ll appreciate the warmth!

If you don’t have throw blankets in storage from last season, head to your local Pottery Barn or West Elm to pick up some seasonal ones. They have locations located on the Westside, quite near The Encore and Hawthorn Park.

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Add Seasonal Scents

Fall and winter scents like cinnamon, and clove spread out on a table

There’s nothing quite like walking into an apartment that smells like baked apple pie or warm pumpkin bread. While having these items baking in the oven 24/7 is not an actual reality, you can certainly incorporate essential oils and melting wax diffusers to create the essence all season long! Head to your local fragrance store, such as Diptyque on the Upper East Side, and pick up a few of their seasonal scents. Placed strategically around your apartment, such as the kitchen, living room, bedroom, and guest bathroom, your home will be smelling like a winter sanctuary in no time.

Prepare Indoor Games

Board games spread out on a table

Indoor games are just as important for the wintertime whether you have kiddos or are in a house of adults. When the nights get dark at 5pm and the weather is snowy out, it’s nice to be prepared with inside activities.

For homes with children, consider putting together an arts and craft kit. Depending on the ages of your kids, these can include things such as play dough, finger paint, sand art, coloring books, and jewelry making supplies.

And for homes with adults, load up on timeless board games! Cult favorites include Monopoly, Scrabble, Life, Uno, and of course a deck of cards. These games are good for most all ages (sans the extremely little tots), which make them perfect for the whole family to get in on. And don’t discount the pleasure a puzzle can bring, too…having it sit out on the coffee table to be worked on little by little throughout the season is a great way to pass the time.

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Load Up On Warming Foods And Snacks

The last thing you want to have to think about during a snowstorm is running to the grocery store. Prepare ahead and load up on cozy wintertime goodies, such as hot chocolate and marshmallows, ingredients for a homemade soup or stew, and buttery popcorn pouches for popping during Christmas movie marathons. For those of you who live at The Pavilion, the food shop located in-house at the shopping arcade means you don’t even have to leave the building to stock up!

Pick Up Seasonal and New Release Books

A stack of books opened on a blue background

You can call your local bookstore and purchase a book for curbside order and pick up a huge stack of books with seasonal themes of the holidays or wintertime in general. These are great to keep in your children’s rooms to read before bedtime, and to really incorporate the season into their lives.

Also, check out the New York Times review on new release books that interest you and pick those books up for yourself! You won’t be without a book on hand all season long, which makes those cold Saturday afternoons pleasurable. Cuddling up with your throw blanket, hot cocoa, pumpkin spice candle, and book as you watch the snow fall outside your window. Wintertime perfection!

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