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Levys unique New York tours - playing freeze tag on wall street

If you grew up in the suburbs, you know how awesome it was to play all sorts of crazy games with a big pack of neighborhood kids, often in someone's backyard or even better, right out there on the street. Spud. Kickball. Stickball. Ding Dong Ditch (aka Ring and Run). Flashlight tag. Freeze tag. Blob tag. Other random "Tags" that you made up, usually with rules that ensured you'd win.

Remember? Ok, even if you have no idea what we're talking about, trust us, it was a blast. And the relevant point is this: for eight years now the good people at Levy's Unique New York have been hosting an afternoon of Freeze Tag and other street games in the heart of New York Financial District, with this year's iteration going on Sunday, January 20. 

Levys Unique New York tours on Manhattan's street graffiti

Annual Freeze Tag on Wall Street

We've never been to Levy's Unique New York annual Freeze Tag on Wall Street games, so can't vouch for attendance or overall fun-ness, but it sounds like it could be a cool (so to speak) excuse to get out and run around on a winter's afternoon. And the Levy's Unique New York crew definitely knows how to have a good time. Witness: their  impressive array of some of the most offbeat, informative, energetic, insider-y tours of Manhattan and Brooklyn this town has ever seen. Even if you don't want to play Freeze Tag on Wall Street, you should certainly keep the Levy's guys in  mind the next time you're charged with entertaining out of town guests. And even if you've lived here your whole life, Levy's Unique New York is pretty much guaranteed to show you something new. 

Levys Unique New York Hell's Kitchen Tours Grilled Cheddar Sandwich from Amys Bread

Levy's Unique New York Experiences

A quick look at the most recent list of Levy's Unique New York group tours features plenty of intriguing possibilities. The Levy's guides love this town, know its (often bizarre) history, and enjoy nothing more than getting people excited about all aspects of this beautiful city. For example, there's the Sandwich Tour of Hell's Kitchen, two hours of lore, "philosophy", and tales somehow involving guide Jonah's personal experiences with this glorious hand-held meal. There's the Hey! Ho! Let's Go! Punk Rock on the Bowery Pub Crawl and Walking Tour, which takes you from the gangs of the 1850s through to the punks of the 1970s, insisting that "the only major difference between these two disparate cultures is 125 years and electricity" And, to take just one more, there's From Graffiti to Galleries: Brooklyn Represent!, a look at the excellent street art and underground gallery scene in Bushwick, Williamsburg, and beyond. Check it. 

Levys Unique New York Tours on Bushwick's Graffiti Street Art

More on Levy's Unique New York

The Eight Annual Freeze Tag on Wall Street is happening on Sunday, January 20, from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. Meet at the corner of Wall and Broad Streets. The afternoon of fun and games is free. For a complete look at all the New York City love offered by Levy's Unique, please take a look at their website here.        

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