Family Friendly Apartments in New York City


There are many things that make for a family friendly apartment in New York City, from a building's amenities to its neighborhood and nearby services to the attitude and lifestyle of your fellow tenants. First and foremost, however, the one feature that families with young children covet most of all, is the on-site play room, especially now, as the weather starts to turn chilly, and those long, stuck-inside days of January, February, and March loom ahead. 

Glenwood's family friendly apartment in NYC features a cloud painted room with a giant lighthouse, plastic slide, foam matting, and reading table and chairs

Many of Glenwood's properties were designed and constructed as NYC family friendly apartment buildings, and all of the images in this post are from various Glenwood building playrooms. If you live here, you're set. But the battle for scarce resources–and in New York City, the scarcest resource of all, perhaps, is space–has caused quite the imbroglio in other buildings around town, especially in co-ops where everyone has a say in what should go where. Playroom, gym, or storage area? The New York Times ran an amusing little piece on the topic about a year ago called Ruckus Room.

Family apartments at Glenwood with a fun landscape scene of rolling hills, trees and smiling sun, red, yellow and blue square flooring, table and chairs with toys



Other sought-after amenities that we've seen in family friendly apartments in New York City include a communal children's library, ground-floor stroller parking, last-minute babysitting services via the building's concierge, and outdoor recreation space, with or without basketball hoop. Also key for families is easy access to full laundry facilities, ideally in the apartment (if not the machines themselves, at least the hook ups), but even just having a laundry room on premises is a huge help. 

The fun Glenwood luxury family apartments features green flooring, a huge wood painted tree with circular seating, tables and chairs, bead roller coasters, and a colorful train in the background




As far neighborhoods go, family friendly apartments can be found all over town, but the most popular areas to raise kids in Manhattan remain the Upper West Side and the Upper East Side, for their proximity to the vast and amazing Central Park (as well as the less vast but still pretty great Riverside Park, and Carl Shurz Park), tons of good schools both public and private, and, especially on UWS, all of the shopping and services you need (groceries, clothing, entertainments) right nearby. 




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