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Courtesy of Architectural Digest Design Show

If you live in New York City, you have probably been drawn to appreciating the architecture and design that this city has to offer! If you are a fan of design, you are in luck! This March, the Architectural Digest Show is coming to NYC. This design show is a great way to get to see new and cutting edge design and architecture being explored all around the world. And, many of us who do not work in the design industry still have a subscription to this fantastic magazine or one just like it—how fun will it be to get to spend the day exploring the design magazine come to life!




Visit The Design Show

This is the 18thyear that the show is being put on in New York City. It is taking place from March 21stthrough 24that Pier 92 and 94, which are at 55thStreet and 12thAvenue. This event will showcase around 400 different brands that are considered to be world leaders in the design market place right now! Even if you are not furnishing an apartment or don’t work in this industry, visiting the design show is a great way to explore and spend the day! If you are interested, be sure to click here to purchase tickets. They are $15 and come with a year subscription to Architectural Digest Magazine. This show is located close to many of Glenwood’s midtown west buildings like Hawthorn Park and The Encore.


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Explore The Different Sections

There are so many different sections of this design show to explore! A few days before the show, you can go onto the architectural digest design show website and view a map that will help you navigate and prepare for your trip. But, we have broken down the sections here to get you excited!


  • Furnish

Courtesy of Architectural Digest Design Show

The Furnish section is where you will find all of the furniture! There are so many different vendors who have designs ranging from contemporary, modern, to traditional aesthetics. You can even find many one of a kind pieces. Many of the booths will have the craftsmen or brand representatives there, which gives you a unique opportunity to discuss specialty orders and creations!


  • Made

Courtesy of Architectural Digest Design Show

The Made section is a great place to find unique pieces of art to finish off your home. This area has tons of artists who are displaying their work. This addition to the show makes you feel as if you are in an art gallery! Talk to the artists and see their new one of a kind pieces.


  • Refresh

Courtesy of Architectural Digest Design Show

The Refresh section has a large focus on all things kitchen and bath. All new tiles, patterns, and appliances can be found here. It is a really neat way to explore so many different options in one place. And, even if you are not remodeling an apartment, it is fun to just see all of the design options and aspects available!


  • Shops

Courtesy of Architectural Digest Design Show

The shops are the part of the show where you can actually purchase things to take home immediately. If you end up buying something from a different part of the show, there is usually production time of a couple of weeks until you receive your item The Shop section has items that are ready to be taken home immediately! It also has smaller items that you would find in a typical gift shop, but definitely with an elevated design aspect—you are at the AD design show after all!


Who Might Enjoy This Design Show?

The design show is a great activity if you are a fan or any part of home design or art! If you love magazines like Elle Decor, Architectural Digest or Home Decor, this event will most likely be up your alley! If you love to watch home improvement shows like Fixer Upper, this could be a great way to enjoy an afternoon or day in the city! Aside from design specifically, there are vendors with great art and small one of a kind accent pieces like throw pillows if you are in the market for something of that nature!


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