Explore The Architectural Digest Design Show!

  If you live in New York City, you have probably been drawn to appreciating the architecture and design that this city has to offer! If you are a fan of design, you are in luck! This March, the Architectural Digest Show is coming to NYC. This design show is a great way to get to see new and cutting edge design and architecture being explored all around the world. And, many of us who do not work in the design industry still have a subscription to this fantastic magazine or one just like it—how fun will it be to get to spend the day exploring the design magazine come to life!  

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The Whitney Museum’s Must See Warhol Exhibit

If you are a fan of Andy Warhol, the Warhol exhibit at the Whitney Museum is a must see! Be sure to check out this widespread collection of some of his most famous works! Located close to Glenwood’s downtown buildings, Glenwood uptown, midtown and west side residents all should not miss this opportunity to see a vast amount of Warhol works in one location!

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Upcoming Art Gallery Openings in NYC

Date night in NYC has so many possibilities, but we admit, we somehow always find ourselves in the “dinner and drinks” routine. While you can never go wrong with visiting your favorite cafe or wine bar, wine not change it up a bit? We’ll be taking a look at where to go for gallery openings and free wine in the city!

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