Mural Artist David Braly at Glenwood’s Emerald Green Apartments


It’s been a a little while now since mural artist David Braly unveiled his stunning murals in the lobby of Glenwood’s new LEED-certified green real estate building, Emerald Green on West 38th Street in NYC, but every time we pass through–or, better yet, relax for a bit on one of those couches and take in the view–we are still pretty blown away by the detail, the visual trickery, the deep sense of comfort he brings to these pieces. Mural artist David Braly, who hails from Alabama, is known for infusing his murals with notes from history as well as passion for architectural forms, a discipline in which he studied and trained for years, before focusing on his art full time. David Braly murals at Emerald Green apartments are no exception.


In a recent article, mural artist David Braly discussed the creative process behind his Emerald Green apartment murals, revealing that his initial inspiration was the great New York City lost landmark, the original Pennsylvania Station, which once stood a few blocks north of Emerald Green real estate, and was modeled after Rome’s legendary Bath of Caracalla. When that majestic railroad station opened in 1910, David Braly explains, it was a bit of a pioneer in a somewhat downtrodden neighborhood in Manhattan, sparking a revitalization of the area… a process that is being repeated today by Emerald Green real estate.


Of course, the mural’s primary theme of the natural world existing in harmony with (or, indeed, overtaking the ruins of) human-made construction fits right in at Emerald Green apartments, one of only a handful of New York City residential real estate towers that are LEED-certified “green”. And we love the way mural artist David Braly’s work aesthetically and thematically flows into and complements the large window at the back of the lobby, looking out onto Emerald Green’s courtyard gardens. One final note: the text running at the bottom of the two pieces facing the Emerald Green’s front door are from a poem, written in 1951 by the pseudonymous Harrry Woodbourne, called The Green Kingdom. A nice touch, that.


Mural Artist David Braly at Glenwood’s Emerald Green Apartments Details

Emerald Green apartments are located at 320 West 38th Street, between Eighth and Ninth Avenues in NYC. For more information about the LEED-certified building, please visit the Emerald Green apartments.  Click here to learn more about mural artist David Braly.

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