Check out New Donut Shop, Dough Loco, on the Upper East Side!

Five different types of donuts from Dough Loco, with two chocolate, the others have pink, yellow, and white icing

Add the fantastic new Dough Loco to your list of NYC's best doughnut spots, joining the likes of Peter Pan (in Greenpoint), Dough (based in Bed-Stuy, but available at seeemingly every food event), and Doughnut Plant (on the Lower East Side as well as in the Chelsea Hotel).

Opened just last month on Park Avenue near 97th by the same team that's already brought some downtown flavor to the neighborhood with Earl's Beer and Cheese and ABV–that'd be Chef Corey Cova, with partners Mike Cesari and Ryan Gaskins–Dough Loco offers locals thick, soft, chewy doughnuts in a variety of innovative flavors, and also serves the always-a-pleasure Blue Bottle Coffee to wash them all down with. So great. 

Two people in line at Dough Loco waiting to order some donuts and coffee

A Winning Source of Caffeine and Sugar

And the word is definitely out. Although Dough Loco is a bit off the beaten path, sitting there with its reclaimed wooden counters and scruffy decor across from where the Metro Tracks emerge from the tunnel (it's two doors up from Earl's, if that helps), when I stopped in on a random Monday recently there was a steady stream of mid-afternoon customers looking for caffeine and sugar, Corey Cova style. No wonder: I tried all seven Dough Loco flavors available that day (Cova plans on rotating in new inventions as he gets inspired), and all seven were total winners.

Close up picture of a Dough Loco doughnuts flavored maple miso, with a light brown icing

Inventive and Satisfying Flavors of Donuts

Some of Cova's Dough Loco doughnuts may be unusual, but all of his flavors are honestly earned; that is, using high-quality, all-natural ingredients these beauties not only look spectacular, they actually taste like the things they're supposed to taste like. His Banana Curry with Dulce de Leche, his Blueberry with Rosemary and Lime, his Pineapple with Brown Butter, his Blood Orange, heck, even his basic-sounding Chocolate Glazed, are all as good and rich and interesting and satisfying as you would hope they would be. Note: Dough Loco does sell out every day, and the most popular flavors are often gone by the afternoon. But that shouldn't discourage you from popping in anytime: since everything's so good, you really can't go wrong.

A man inside Dough Loco putting cream and sugar into his Blue Bottle Coffee

More Information: Dough Loco NYC

Dough Loco is located on the east side of Park Avenue between 97th and 98th Streets, and is open Monday through Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. On Sunday they open at 8:00 a.m. 

Exterior view of the front of Dough Loco shop located on the Upper East Side.


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