Easy DIY Holiday Decorations and Crafts For The Whole Family

Two images of holiday decorations that were made out of a tomato cage, one is a christmas tree, the other a card holder

Getting your apartment into the seasonal spirit doesn't have to mean too much time and money spent at depressing stores; or too many hours struggling with projects that always seem to produce less-than-satisfactory results (and, no, it's not your fault). In an effort to keep your holiday sprits high, here's a quick rundown of some of the best DIY holiday decoration projects and ideas I've found around the internet, projects that we hope will be fun (in some cases, "for the whole family") to try, and creatively rewarding to finish. 

Our friends at Brassy Apple have posted a slew of creative and fun decoration ideas that you can make using tomato cages.  My two favorite ideas are the ones in the image above. The card holder idea not only looks good, but it’s so useful! ‘Tis the season to receive a ton of letters from friends and family, and I don’t know about you but I run out of places to display them. More tomato cage décor ideas in Brassy Apple’s post!

Close up of someone sewing felt together to make white ornamets to hang on their christmas tree

Make Your Own Holiday Decorations

If you don’t mind doing a bit of sewing, take a look at The Purl Bee’s DIY Felt Ornaments—pictured above. This idea is simple, easy, cheap to do, and the results look great. If you are feeling really crafty, I could see the snow bulbs attached to a string and used as a holiday garland. Also I think this idea would look good as different colors or multi-colored.

If you’ve already spent some time searching around for holiday décor ideas, I’m sure you have seen this Snow globe idea (pictured below), and thought to yourself, “well those look awesome, but I’m not sure I can pull that off.” If that’s you, think again. Arielle Elise DIY directions for the snow globe, are simple, to the point, and can make even the least crafty person feel like a DIY specialist!

Sitting on a book are three holiday snow globes with christmas threes, pine cones, and snow in them.

Advent Calendar and Hanukkah Fun

And Oh Happy Day has an awesome Advent Calendar DIY design that uses chalkboard painted boxes with a little surprise hiding inside each one. This idea could be easily adapted for the days of Hanukkah too. Speaking of Hanukkah, Martha Stewart has a bunch of ideas for putting a personal stamp on your family gatherings, including the Dreidel Place Card (pictured below), and the cool-looking cascading Eight Envelopes of gifts, each distinctively decorated for a different night of the Festival of Lights, and affixed to a yardstick. Better get started on this one right away!

Hanukkah decoration ideas for dressing up your dinner plates with a paper dredel and creating countdown of the days of hanukkah

Show Glenwood Your DIY Holiday Decorations!

If you try out one of these holiday decor ideas, be sure to post a picture of your final products on our Facebook page! Happy crafting 🙂

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