Dirty Bird To-Go: Best Fried Chicken in NYC Now in Tribeca

Delicious fried chicken leg with mashed potatoes at Dirty Bird To-Go.

Downtown Glenwood residents, meet your new favorite take-out/quick-bite spot: Dirty Bird To-Go in Tribeca. Or, at a minimum, a new entry into your own personal top five. Dirty Bird To-Go has long been known for some of the best fried chicken in NYC at its West 14th Street location.  In fact Matt Stone, he of considerable Book of Mormon and "South Park" fame, once called Dirty Bird To-Go his "favorite restaurant in the whole world." The new Tribeca location, which just opened (finally!) last week at the western end of Chambers Street, is perfectly situated for grabbing a bite on your way home, taking advantage of their fried chicken delivery, or for a fall picnic in Rockefeller Park. Try it once and I bet you'll be back.

Counter and kitchen of Dirty Bird To-Go on Chambers Street, Tribeca.

Late Night Fried Chicken in NYC

We stopped in to Dirty Bird To-Go Tribeca the other night for a late-night snack and, though bias from years of enjoying the fried fowl on 14th Street had us pre-disposed to liking this place, we can also honestly say the food here is outstanding, for what it is. Dirty Bird To-Go is all about chicken (obviously), prepared three ways: buttermilk dipped fried, slow-roasted rotisserie, or boneless, as "fingers", with homemade dipping sauce. You can get any style on a plate (or in a basket) with sides, in a wrap, or in a salad. There's even chicken soup at Dirty Bird To-Go, though with winter fast approaching, we will be trying it soon!

Crispy fried chicken at Dirty Bird To-Go restaurant in Tribeca.

Eat In or Take Out at Dirty Bird To-Go

The fried chicken is our preference most of the time: crispy, juicy, and nicely-seasoned. Don't be afraid to pour on some of the vinegar-based hot sauce found on each table. Seating is limited but there is more space here than the 14th Street location. The rotisserie is also solid, maybe a bit less moist, but not a bad choice if you're trying to mix it up. And the sides on the Dirty Bird To-Go menu are all good, from the creamy, tangy mac-n-cheese to the sauteed kale to the mashed potatoes with gravy. And everything's super-healthy! Well, ok….it's at least fresh, local, organic, and sustainably raised, so no need to feel that "take out again" guilt. 

Seating at Dirty Bird To-Go in Tribeca on Chambers Street.

Dirty Bird To-Go Tribeca details 

The new Dirty Bird To-Go in Tribeca is located on Chambers Street, between West Broadway and Greenwich Street and is open every day from 11 a.m. until 11 p.m.  As of the time of this post, the Dirty Bird To-Go website doesn't have the Tribeca-branch menu up yet (it differs slightly from the 14th Street one), but Grub Street has it, so you can check it out here. Enjoy and leave a comment to let us know what you think!

Tangy mac-n-cheese at Dirty Bird To-Go restaurant in Manhattan.

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